Saturday, May 10, 2008

Conservatives Keep RCMP Busy

You can't be sure where it will lead, but the fact the RCMP has interviewed Dona Cadman on two seperate occasions, as well as her daughter and son-in-law suggests the allegations are being taken seriously. Who are the yahoos:

RCMP officers have interviewed Chuck Cadman's widow twice in the last two months after launching an investigation into an alleged offer by Conservative Party officials to the dying MP.

The RCMP refuse to say whether they are officially probing the allegations, but Dona Cadman confirmed yesterday she has been interviewed twice by investigators.

Cadman said officers also talked to her daughter Jodi as part of their investigation. Jodi Cadman and her husband Holland Miller said in separate bedside conversations that Chuck revealed to them he had been offered incentives from representatives of the Conservatives.

Dona Cadman also said:
"I hope eventually the RCMP will find out who offered what," said Cadman in an interview yesterday. "Chuck never told me who they were. I'm in the dark as much as anyone else and it would be nice to know who these two people were. They could be just yahoos."

Yahoos? Reading between the lines here, but does that mean Baird and Poilievre could be involved?

Whether or not anything can be proven is one thing, but it would be relevant if the RCMP could confirm another meeting between Cadman and Conservative operatives, because the government have continually maintained their was only one meeting with Cadman.

One visit to Dona Cadman, the RCMP is probably just going through the motions. A second visit suggests something more...

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