Monday, May 05, 2008

Setting The Record Straight

Everyone has had their fun with Pierre Poilievre, clearly an easy target. In reading some of the blogs, and comment sections, I've heard several references to Pierre, saying he was probably picked on in school, bullied, that sort of thing. In the spirit of fairness, I thought I would post the following. I know it's only one picture, but you do the get the sense that, despite being held back a couple of years, Pierre appeared happy and well adjusted:

I do question the parenting though, where's his sun hat?

Today's required "in and out" reading here.


RuralSandi said...

He's in his element - you know, little people of the same maturity level.

Steve V said...

There was a lovely article on Pierre in The Hill Times today.

sassy said...

The Hill Times

Steve V said...

Thanks sassy :)

sassy said...

Welcome :)

Tomm said...

Making fun out of poor Pierre.

You just wait, one of these days he'll aim those guns at Far and Wide and you'll be sorry!!!