Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dion More "Likeable" Than Harper

Well, it would appear there is one head to head measure that Dion does better than Harper, likeability:
But, for all his flaws, they still find the Liberal leader somewhat more likable than Prime Minister Stephen Harper...

Forty-seven per cent said there's something about Dion they don't like, compared to 55 per cent who said the same thing about Harper.

Harper scored 55-40 on likeability, Dion looks like he splits evenly, which is actually a big gap, relative to Harper.

The title of the link mentions that Dion is considered "uninspiring" by 53%. That sounds bad, but a quite check of the same question, which the article fails to mention, asked of Harper finds 55% think he is "uninspiring".

Dion scores lowest on his ability to communicate (58%) and on perceived weakness (53%). The previous questionnaire on Harper didn't ask comparable question.

You can't spin these numbers as good news for Dion, but it is entirely relevant that Dion outpaces Harper on the two comparable questions, which might mean the supposed leadership gap isn't pronounced as some believe.

I've said it a million times, but it bears repeating again. For all the troubles the Liberals have, for all the challenges Dion faces, there is one asset that Liberals have going for them, one thing that should allow for a certain measure of optimism. That thing is Stephen Harper.


Anonymous said...

Finally, some positive news...I am surprised the BUT wasn't added to the title.

Anonymous said...

dear steve...these cons at decima wont do a regular poll as it would show that harper and his conbuddies are in the dumps...notice how these pollster do not come out with their fabricated polls when things are really going bad for the connies.....the auditor general is one of them that is why she tries to make nice.

Steve V said...


I hope you're right about "Con polls", because the last two from Decima had the Liberals ahead :)

It is strange, no results for three weeks from these guys, and they do poll weekly. I was assuming nothing has really changed, but it would be nice to see.

Steve V said...

A couple more details from the poll:

"Moreover, the poll suggests Dion's party is more in tune with the issues that move Canadians. Forty per cent agreed with the statement that "the Liberals don't care all that much about the issues I care deeply about."
By contrast, 53 per cent said the same about the Conservatives last week."

"While the Tories appear to have successfully painted Dion as a weak leader, Anderson said Harper is seen as being too much of an "aggressive partisan" and less in touch with mainstream Canadian views on things like the environment and foreign affairs.
"Those are the reasons why the Conservatives seem to keep hitting a ceiling," he said. "That ceiling represents an indication of real opportunity for the Liberals."
Anderson said Dion's single most important priority should be to improve his communication skills."

I like the "real opportunity" part, because all things being equal, Dion benefits (outside of Quebec) from being relatively unknown, whereas Harper is basically cemented in all our minds.

okhropir rumiani said...

Mr. Harper is indeed awkward and ham-fisted at times but unlike you Steve, I think most Liberals including David Herle and John Duffy have learned their lesson:

In a campaign Mr. Harper will NOT be the Liberals biggest asset.

Steve V said...


Oh, you misunderstand. All I'm saying, Dion can compete with Harper, it's not like he is a towering, popular figure, that enjoys the public's affection. It's not "evil" Harper, it's more Harper the "average", certainly nothing to fear.

Kar Mat said...

Who gives a rat's ass who has a more likeable personality. I think it's a lot more important that the leader of this country be strong, capable, hard-working, and able to get the job done and Harper has proven he has those qualities. I'd rather have a leader as PM than a socializer.

Steve V said...


Oh, of course you think that. What about the part, where people identify more with the Liberals policies, or where they think the Tories are mean-spirited? Does that work for you? Probably not, I bet.

KarMat said...

'Oh, of course you think that.'
That’s why I said it.

'What about the part, where people identify more with the Liberals policies'
What liberal policies?

'they think the Tories are mean-spirited'
All I see is nasty opposition members throwing a lot of garbage around hoping some of it will stick. Isn't that mean-spirited?

'Does that work for you? Probably not, I bet.'

okhropir rumiani said...

I don't believe I misunderstood you. I was directing my comments to your last point which evokes the last election.

"there is one asset that Liberals have going for them, one thing that should allow for a certain measure of optimism. That thing is Stephen Harper."

In the last election Liberal strategists described Harper (and his unlikable manner) as their greatest asset.

As you remember this arrogant view led them to sit on their asses for most of the campaign until it was too late.

wilson said...

In the last election, the great minds of the LPC were reported to be playing the
'long election campaign, and Harper will poop out in the final stretch,
he can't keep up the policy a day pace with asthma.'

Dion may be a nice guy, but he is not a leader, and so says Liberals.

But more current,
Libloggers and the media said 'Afghanistan' would be PMSHs undoing.
As soon as the VanDoos take casualties, Harper is done.
But Quebecers rallied around their troops and Dion extended the mission ANOTHER 2 years.
That's 4 years of extensions since PMSH was elected.

Steve V said...

Oh the Harper election mythology. Liberals mired in scandal, a public that wanted to "kick the bums out" and Harper still needed a RCMP probe in the middle of the campaign to come from way behind (I believe the polls changed 10% after the Goodale thing). It wasn't arrogance that killed them, or at least that's not why Harper defeated them, it was correct timing with a big dose of political luck. Even with the perfect storm, Harper manages a fragile minority. The partisans can re-write history, but I see more circumstance than brilliance. And, you can see further proof now, the Liberals apparently a "mess", lead by a "dweeb", "abstaining", "no policies", "demoralized", and YET, right there with the well oiled machine. It's a laughable contrast to your lofty praise.

okhropir rumiani said...

Well, Steve, in the last election I saw much more circumstance than brilliancy too.

But I also saw more idiocy from Liberal strategists than circumstance when they were so bloody smug they'd beat the shorts off the opposition.

And I'm sure you could quote back to me some laughable examples of my "lofty praise".

Steve V said...

"But I also saw more idiocy from Liberal strategists than circumstance when they were so bloody smug they'd beat the shorts off the opposition."

I didn't vote Liberal in the last election, so....