Thursday, May 08, 2008

Good One John

Every so often, I venture over to the Blogging Tories, rarely does it disappoint. The first post I saw, was this "gotcha" post. Did you know, that a mere 29 years ago, Bob Rae voted against a gas tax? There aren't words:
Minister John Baird was just on Mike Duffy Live and he reminded viewers that it was none other than Bob Rae, then an NDP MP, who brought down the 1979 minority government of Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Joe Clark. And, why did Rae do that? Apparently because he objected to the John Crosby’s budget regarding a proposed 18 cent gasoline tax.

Yes, you’ve got that right. In 1979, it was Bob Rae who made the motion to bring down that short-lived goverment. And, let’s not let him forget that. The title even comes with an explanation point, which denotes the "breaking news" revelation.

We will never forget Bob, you're busted. What a revelation, entirely relevant to any discussion now. John Baird is so desperate, he is forced to reference something that happened 3 decades ago, nevermind the standard 13 years. I'm sure Baird remembers the time well, after all he was 9, maybe even 10. Yes, 1979, seems like just yesterday:


Anonymous said...

In opposition, the Conservatives made repeated promises to remove the GST tax-on-tax bite and pledged to remove the GST completely when gasoline prices exceeded 85 cents per litre. In the summer of 2005, Mr. Harper was quoted saying that gas taxes could be reduced by as much as 5 cents a litre.

foottothefire said...

John Baird has quite the recall, doesn't he?
(I can only imagine how many little Conservative imps are stacked in a warehouse in some obscure location, harvesting gems like that one.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Sorta' reminds me of the Liberals and there outrage at Tom Lewkiwiski for comments he made 17 years ago. But, then I guess Liberal screw-ups have an expiry date but Conservatives don't.

Steve V said...

Never heard of that guy, did you mean Tom Lukiwski?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I seen that show and the part where Baird referred to the LPC's carbon tax as a "gas tax." According to everything I've seen, Dion is not proposing the new tax be applied to gasoline. I reckon he thinks we're already payin' enough tax on gas. Baird also stated that Dion's "gas tax" would rais ethe price of gasoline by 50 cents a liter. Big Mike was agreein' with him all the way as he lobbed softballs.


JimmE said...

I alway hated the Bee Gees
- now if you had only a photo of the Sex Pistols or Martha & the Muffins or the E-glades or Devo!

Anonymous said...

Was it about the environment 30 years ago? Was there any plan for tax shifting 30 years ago?

Mike said...

10 years ago Stephen Harper called Canada a third rate socialist nation of the worst kind.

Gosh, that must mean he hates Canada, right Powell?

Because if Baird can say that about Bob Rae....

Alberta Girl said...

Speaking of hypocrisy... you guys really can't be serious - are you for real?

The official opposition; the Liberal party of Canada continually digs in the garbage to find something, anything to attempt to try to smear the Conservative government; most of it so old that many voters today were playing in their sandboxes when they happened. And when the Liberals rail away day after day about a 20 yr old story (or a 17 yr old, or a 5 yr old) that they twist around to try to "get" the Tories; you guys are all excited that THIS is what is going to finally bring down the government and force and election!

And then the Libs find out they have ejaculated prematurely and slither back to the garbage continue their quest.

Maybe you should clean up your own house before you start in on your neighbours.

Speaking of houses and old scandals - how is that RCMP investigation into Adscam going.

wilson said...

And the liberal strategy is working sooooooo well for yah.
It's a pity that the LPC turned a decent guy, who was going to do politics different, into a loser:

recent poll, all that mudslinging and look who is losing ground:

The most trustworthy leader
Stephen Harper 31 (+1)
Stephane Dion 14 (NC)
Jack Layton 14 (-7)
Elizabeth May 5 (-3)
Gilles Duceppe 4 (-2)
None of them/Undecided 32 (+12)

The most competent leader
Stephen Harper 39 (NC)
Stephane Dion 12 (-4)
Jack Layton 11 (-4)
Gilles Duceppe 5 (-1)
Elizabeth May 1 (-2)
None of them/Undecided 32 (+10)

The leader with the best vision for Canada’s future
Stephen Harper 31 (-1)
Stephane Dion 14 (-3)
Jack Layton 14 (-4)
Elizabeth May 4 (-2)
Gilles Duceppe 3 (NC)
None of them/Undecided 35 (+11)

Steve V said...

"And the liberal strategy is working sooooooo well for yah.

Speaking of polls, which party has lost support, which party would LOSE seats in Ontario?

Face it, the more people see, the less they like, your sorry spin aside.

"Speaking of houses and old scandals - how is that RCMP investigation into Adscam going."

I think they have been busy with raiding party headquarters and looking into Cadman.

Oh, and BTW, maybe you should go look at some old Hansard's, if you want to see slithering in the mud, Harper was the MASTER.

Steve V said...


You forgot this part of that poll:

"Pollster Nik Nanos said broad enthusiasm for all three men is waning."

And you will not, Harper's score is right in line with core Conservative support, below the percentage of "none of them".

The good news for Dion, he remains a blank slate, Harper's numbers are basically written in stone. It is also worth noting, than when Harper was opposition leader, and he scored well below his counterparts, his party trailed by 10 points, whereas the Libs are tied, with Dion no where to go but up. Sounds okay to me.

wilson said...

''The good news for Dion, he remains a blank slate''

In your dreams Steve.

The most competent leader
Stephen Harper 39 (NC)
Stephane Dion 12 (-4)

Where Dion is well know, in Quebec, he fairs the WORST!

All the reasons why Dion was elected leader have been wiped out by the LPC taking the low road.
How's that workin' for yah?

The most trustworthy leader
Stephen Harper 31 (+1)
Stephane Dion 14 (NC)

And this is no online bs poll. It's done by the god of polling, Nik Nanos.

Blank slate or black whole?
and it's not Dion's fault, it's the LPC ruining the man.

Steve V said...

Oh, I just found Nanos last poll of Harper and Martin in 2005:

Best PM

Martin 31%
Harper 14%

I guess that means Dion will win a minority in the next election. Dream on indeed!!

Steve V said...

"How's that workin' for yah?"

Seems to be working pretty good, have you seen those Ontario polls ;)

Steve V said...

Just one more thing, when Martin lead Harper by the same leadership margins, the Liberals were 16 points ahead, according to the "god of polls". What does it say, that your party is tied, despite this apparent gap. It says, that if Dion can improve his image, the Liberals will win the next election. Anybody who claims that Dion can't raise those numbers knows nothing about the challenges for an opposition leader. In reality, the Liberals are very well positioned as a brand, if Dion performs well in a campaign, it will put them over the top.

tori said...

steve, what's the MOE for ontario?

Steve V said...

Generally quite low, 4-5 MOE. And, the "god of polling" has the Liberals at 50%, 18% ahead of the Cons.

If you average all the polls, it
s currently:

Libs 40.9%

Cons 32.5%

NDP 14.5%

Greens 11.2%

Other .9%