Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Debt Free

Dion on target to clear all leadership debts prior to the return of Parliament. Pretty impressive to clear $ 250 000 in a matter of weeks (translated):
"The debt should be settled in September, perhaps even before the start of the September 15 return of Parliament"said the Liberal source.

What will Pierre say? More importantly, this might show what the Liberals can do on the fundraising side when they have a focus. I also find this interesting, given what I was told about a "noticeable" uptick with the Victory Fund in the last few weeks, which means party fundraising isn't necessarily hurt because of the effort to clear Dion's debt. In fairness to Dion, he never really made a concerted effort to pay down his debt, and I actually applaud him for trying to raise money for the party, rather than himself. That said, it would be great if the debt was cleared heading into an election, for a number of reasons.

Good stuff.


WesternGrit said...

The boost in dollar numbers reflects a couple of key things:
1) Excitement in the ranks (always bodes well for an election - they're rarin' to go)
2) More "new" donations. This is very good for the party. As more outside funds come in, the party benefits from "new blood" and new money.

Bring on the election (late November, please)!

Anonymous said...

I went to a cocktail for Dion in Montreal last week.
Great turnout, well planned (they even had the obligatory protesters for Justin trudeau) and Dion's speech was very positive.
I think they raised alot of money that night.
let's hope it continues elsewhere!!