Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Read Your Own Act Mr. Harper

Harper is at it again today, this time blaming the opposition for not adhering to his own Fixed Election Dates Act. Harper:
It's clear that none of the opposition parties intend to hold out until the fixed election date of October 2009, he added.

"They have no intention of respecting the fixed election date," Harper said. "So I think obviously we're going to have to judge how the parliamentary agenda is unfolding."

Actually, Mr. Harper, the opposition doesn't have to respect the fixed election date, you allowed for this provision in your own Act:
The Fixed Election Dates Act establishes that Canadian federal elections be held every four years on a fixed date, except when the government loses the confidence of the House, in which case an election would be held immediately.

The opposition has the power to vote non-confidence when it so chooses, despite the fixed dates, so Harper's rationalization doesn't fly. Actually Mr. Harper, this is really the only relevant point here, what about FAIRNESS:
Fairness - A fixed election date eliminates the advantage given to the government party to call an election when conditions are favourable to that party.

Canadians are clearly warming to an election, and in the end, Harper can go to the GG to dissolve Parliament. However, even with this growing sentiment, there will still be the unease of comparing the Harper rhetoric, actually enshrined into law, with the flimsy justifications. Harper should rightly start any election campaign with questions on the apparent hypocrisy. Hopefully someone can examine just how much energy, time and money was wasted crafting legislation which is nothing but a public relations fraud in the end.


Steve V said...

Apparently, Harper doesn't even know that Parliament hasn't sat for two months:

"I think we've had a productive 2 1/2 years but I think that has slowed in recent weeks," he told staff at Hamilton General Hospital in Ontario.

Anonymous said...

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.


Anonymous said...

Does abstaining on your own non-confidence motion count? Or do you call it cynical.

Steve V said...