Friday, August 08, 2008

Looky Here, A Journalist Emerges

As local papers parrot Conservative propaganda, and supposedly reputable journalists like Don Martin run with nothing, it's nice to see someone asking some basic questions, before swallowing unsubstantiated spin:
Seriously, is there a scintilla of actual evidence – circumstantial or otherwise - that now infamously former Liberal candidate Robert Morrissey bolted because of the Green Shift?

I mean, I’m not saying he didn’t – heck, anything is possible. But based on the coverage so far, it seems as though that particular claim originated with Conservative Party spokesbird (and erstwhile part-time House of Commons salary-drawer) Ryan Sparrow, who isn’t exactly what I’d call objective - and, I’m betting, is downright shocked by how easy it has been to push this story to the local PEI press despite a noticeable lack of independent corroboration.

Independent corrobation, what a novel concept. Nevermind, the fact the Liberals won this riding by a staggering 23% in the last election, considered one of the safest in Atlantic Canada, no, we are supposed to believe as Don Martin puts it, this is about "cold feet". Is there an objective observer anywhere that would view this riding as "swing", one that is really in danger of moving to the Conservatives column? Is there one person who actually lives in P.E.I that has offered an opinion? Oh yes, just the sitting MP for the riding, who reacted with anger at the suggestion.

Everyone loves a good, juicy narrative, but it would be nice to interject some non into the rampant fiction that is swirling around. To date, I fail to see why anybody should be in "damage control", unless of course our political discourse takes its cues from a Conservative hack.


knb said...

The Con's are running with this with everything they have.

Jason Kenney was on CTV in full diatribe mode going on and on about what a disaster this is, not to mention ALL the other defections in the Lib party. Stephane Dion's horrible leadership has veteran politicians quitting politics all together! It's a disaster for the party and Dion, blah, blah, blah.

Egmont born-and-raised said...

I was born and raised in Egmont, in a political family.

This IS a swing riding. Islanders are swayed by the promise of being represented by a cabinet minister, which Con candidate Gail Shea would be if she wins.

And of course Joe McGuire says this has nothing to do with the Green Shift. If you asked him in private, I'd bet serious money, he'd say he's glad that he doesn't have to campaign on the Green Shift in Western PEI. Anyone from PEI could tell you that the Green Shift was not a policy designed with its political saleability in PEI in mind.

JimBobby said...

Islanders are swayed by the promise of being represented by a cabinet minister,

Be careful what you wish for. Here in Haldimand-Norfolk, we were ably represented by Bob Speller for 15 years. Ably, that is, until Speller became ag minister. You might think that would bode well for an agricultural riding. It didn't. Speller was unable to represent locxal interests while meeting with GWB on mad cow issues and dealing with other federal and international matters. In the end, the farmers turned against him and he was turfed out in 2004 for a complete no-show, do-nothing: Diane Finley (also a minister). Now, the locals are dropping support for Finley and she stands a poor chance of re-election.

If you think you'll get special perks by having a minister in your corner, think again. When Finley gave a tax break to a local tobacco processing plant, the opposition cried bloody murder. Every cent spent in a minister's riding is under high scrutiny. The ministers know that and are loathe to dish out extras to their constituency.


Anonymous said...

Sure, ignore all the times the mainstream media has neglected to get independent confirmation when those stories hurt the Conservatives. Case in point: the Couillard affiar - weeks and weeks of speculation. What bullshit.

Egmont born-and-raised said...

Politics in the Maritimes are a little different.

Ministers out here have no compunction against dishing out extras to their constituencies.

Yet another reason your girl earth mother Lizzie May has no chance against Junior MacKay.

Steve V said...

"Case in point: the Couillard affiar - weeks and weeks of speculation. What bullshit."

Yes, yes, such bullshit. That must explain why the government released the report late Friday afternoon. Please.

Steve V said...

Hey, someone who actually knows Liberals pipes in.

Möbius said...

I have a theory that journalists write whatever they feel will sell a lot of papers. CTV/CBC are even worse.

Journalism is a dead art.

Tomm said...


On journalism, we agree.

Did you see how Avi Lewis is not going to get his pin money for traveling?

knb said...

Tomm, I'm not surprised that you support that move, but think before you type.

Avi Lewis is entitled to that grant and was only denied out of ideology.

"Left wing radical"?

Yes he's left on the spectrum. Radical? Give it a rest.

Harper is descimating this country and all that it stands for and has stood for years.

If and it's a big if, journalists are interested in the truth, they will report on what is really happening.

At the moment, we have a bunch of gossip columnists pretending to ply a craft they know nothing about.

Anonymous said...


Avi Lewis needs government hand outs like Paris Hilton needs government hand outs.

Give it a rest.

Heck better, why don't you support my getting 5K from PromoArt II since I should get free money from Canada's government to tour the world.

It's an art scam, period. Avi Lewis should be embarrassed to have asked the Canadian public to fund his travels, but of course he isn't.

Some people just think the world rises and sets on their work and effort, and everybody should be pleased as punch to have some government bureaucrat decide we are allowed to be found within their glow.

This taxpayer isn't. He can buy his thousand dollar suits using his illustrious families money, or his wife's. He doesn't need my money too.


knb said...

Gee, that's original Tomm. Every Conservative blogger and columnists has cited this example.

This is ideological and you know. Pandering to that base that he's ignored of late.

Anonymous said...


You're right. It is too convenient to pull up that example to kill the entire program.

I would like to see a columnist or journalist (or blogger) explain how the program can be fixed so that those sorts of approvals don't happen.

If I were to see that kind of analysis it might persuade me on this item.