Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nova Scotia Premier Can't Handle The Truth

Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald's inclusion of the carbon tax calculator on his party's website, is actually a testament to the wisdom of the Green Shift. Huh?

This is simple logic, and a clear example of the Conservatives inability to present an honest argument. IF, as Premier MacDonald argues, the Green Shift will place a heavy burden on Nova Scotians, then he should have no problem demonstrating this with any calculation. The fact that this calculator OMITS the taxcut component of the Green Shift, presenting only half the equation, is a clear indication that the plan isn't the burden he argues. Why not include the entire package Mr. MacDonald, if your are being truthful, then you should have no problem showing the people of Nova Scotia the true cost?

The plan will hurt Nova Scotians, well then, why the need for an disingenious calculation? I mean, it's a tax grab, put it out there and show people the Liberals ruse. INSTEAD, it is MacDonald that is forced to misrepresent, which speaks volumes about his own rhetoric. Why is MacDonald afraid to deal with the policy, forced to manipulate to show a dishonest conclusion? That's the issue here, it obviously isn't as bad as you suggest, otherwise you would have no qualms about an accurate calculation. The fact the Premier has resorted to incomplete propaganda is really a indicator of who wants a real dialogue, and who can't deal with the facts, but must resort to lying to the voters.

This calculator says more about Mr. MacDonald than it does about the Green Shift. In fact, the inability to present the complete picture, is really an indication that the Green Shift is balanced, we need to ignore this dimension, otherwise our fear mongering EVAPORATES.


Jeff said...

Do you mean like the Liberals left off the cost side of the calculator on their site? Do you mean like that? Yea thats what I thought...

Omar said...

Nobody takes what Rodney MacDonald says or does too terribly seriously. Attaching his political wagon to Stephen Harper goes absolutely nowhere in Metro Halifax and even among his rural power base this is politically risky as Conservative party lustre in and around the province has assuredly dulled.

Way to go Rodney, you do us proud.

Steve V said...


The Liberals are very up front about the costs, read the plan. The Conservatives have yet to acknowledge the taxcut side, as though it doesn't exist. Big difference, but then again clueless arguments are our forte.