Friday, August 15, 2008

Nice Fish

I guess Dion has decided to fish Mr. Harper. BTW, Dion won the fishing tournament, proving he can do well against slimy, cold blooded, razor toothed adversaries :)


Anonymous said...

This is actually one of the funniest things (in a good way) I've read all week.

And that's saying something considering the ongoing conservative shenanigans in the Parliamentary hearings.

Steve V said...


Just imagine if Poilievre had been there.

JimmE said...

... he would have caught a sucker.

Steve V said...


Yes, a bottom feeder for sure.

knb said...

Well done Steve. I needed a laugh today.

Red Tory said...

Good one.

And Harper... he's cutting arts programs (bait).

Steve V said...

Interestingly, this picture is also on the frontpage of La Presse.

Anonymous said...

That picture speaks volumes, doesn't it.

There he is, completely out of his element, the bookish academic acting the outdoorsman, probably never having held a fish in his life, looking like he's holding a soiled diaper.

About as believable as Dion wanting to actually face Harper in an election.

Harper's fishing with real barbed lures,while Dion's got his kiddie bobbin floating in the water with no hook.

Great picture!

RuralSandi said...

Oh Anon - try to be honest instead of the nonsense you spew. You probably know that Dion has been an avid outdoorsman and fisherman for years and years.

He also plays hockey. You know, a man's man kind of guy.

By the way, Bill Gates is/was a nerd and look where he is today...careful about attacking nerds.

RuralSandi said...

Oh, and speaking of stumbling, we go again:

Sensitive government document found on rainy Ottawa street
Papers discovered include risk assessment of Environment Canada database
Last Updated: Friday, August 15, 2008 | 11:28 AM ET

This document, marked 'Protected B,' describes ways that intruders could hack into an Environment Canada intelligence and enforcement database called NEMISIS. It was found lying on an Ottawa street corner. (CBC)A sensitive government document detailing a classified computer database has been given to the CBC after it was found lying on an Ottawa street in a rain-stained, tire-marked brown envelope.

The document is a risk assessment of an Environment Canada classified environmental enforcement database. It details a number of the system's failings and describes exactly how the data could be attacked and corrupted, the CBC's James Cudmore reported.

The so-called NEMISIS database is used by officers to track and prosecute polluters and environmental law-breakers.

The acronym stood for National Enforcement Management Information System and Intelligence System when it was unveiled in 1999. However, the title page of the mislaid document calls it the National Enforcement and Emergency Management Information System and Intelligence System, adding the words "and Emergency" to the name.

The assessment described in detail exactly how the database could be attacked by industrial hackers and organized crime, as well as environmental activists.

If someone were able to shut the system down, or hack inside and delete or corrupt the information, officers might not be able to prosecute their cases, which would seriously interfere with the enforcement of the law, the risk assessment said.

"NEMISIS is operating at high risk," the analysis determined.

The document — spotted by a passer-by on Castlefrank Road in Ottawa's Kanata area — is marked "Protected B" at the top of each of its 131 pages.

While documents labelled Protected B are not top-secret, they must be handled with special care for security reasons and not left lying around for just anyone to see, said Christian Rouillard, an expert on public administration and associate professor at the University of Ottawa's school of political studies.

'No justification for losing a document'

And.....of course Baird says....

Baird: No secret material in doc found on street corner


...uh, huh...don't you feel secure with this bunch of inept nincompoops? Hey, I'll be there wasn't a lady involved in this one.

RuralSandi said...

Oh my God....

Harper at a rally in NLD:

Moments later, he said: "So when Newfoundland finally joined together with us in Confederation in 1867, we all say it was like a family reunion."

Newfoundland did not join Canada until 1949 after a very close referendum.

Steve V said...

"probably never having held a fish in his life"

LOL, your ignorance is astounding. The guy's an avid fisherman, maybe you have him confused with "sit in the stands" Harper.

Oh, and I would normally just delete the crap, but you look like such a colossal moron...


I saw that Newfoundland comment, a nice gaffe to contrast with the false "concern".

North of 49 said...

anon says "Harper's fishing with real barbed lures..."

Ah, citizen, where I come from the real fisherfolk use barbless hooks (and flies, not bait, FWIW).

We mercilessly mock the barbed-hook and bait crowd, but quietly between ourselves, so as not to hurt their manly feelings.

Anonymous said...

If Dion is really a fisherman, people need to know that (I did not.) In the pic, he just looks out of his element (deadpan expression adds to the zombie effect) -- like posing with a fish that the other guys caught. In this particular picture, he looks like he would be a lot happier if he gave up fishing.

Ruralsandi -- to read something political into the lost document story is really showing desperation.

900 ft Jesus said...


I always get a kick out of neandercons like anonymous who use the word "academic" as though it's something bad.

Personally, I'd rather have an academic leader than a school yard bully.

Steve V said...

Most of these Cons are anti-intellectual, which is probably why they see education as the enemy.

Raphael Alexander said...

Most of these Cons are anti-intellectual, which is probably why they see education as the enemy.

Steve, your partisanship is showing. Not pretty.

Steve V said...


Absolutely not. Environmental policy, shut out the experts. Taxcuts, didn't listen to the experts. Needle program, ignored the expert analysis. Crime, ignored the findings.

I think you're partisanship may cloud your objectivity, because it really is as clear as day. I would add, the "academic" crack was made by a Conservative, the type of tripe I'm sure you have heard often coming from Conservatives. Maybe it has to do with the inverse relationship between conservatism and education. There was a huge study done once, that showed that people's political views tended to move left the more educated they became. That's a generalization, but I've certainly see a hostility to academia coming from many Cons, recently nothing more pronounce that the climate change debate. Why is it, that all the deniers seem to be Conservatives, despite the OVERWHELMING scientific opinion? It's because alot of these people are ignorant, they don't even understand how scientific inquiry works, they are suspicious of knowledge.