Monday, December 18, 2006

Harper's Funny

What happened to the tough guy?:
"I don't detect any desire on the part of the public to have two elections in one year."

That statement is true, but simply hilarious coming from Mr. "threatens an election every other day when riding high in the polls" Harper.

I bet the public was chomping at the bit for another election in July when Harper threatened to go the polls over softwood lumber. How about June, when the Conservatives were "daring" the opposition to force an election? September, over Senate reform? Remember the calls for Ambrose's resignation? Extending the Afghanistan mission?

Looks like the bully is feeling somewhat sheepish, once the honeymoon ends and he faces a real opposition.


Canadian Tar Heel said...

It is rather convenient on his part.

Alex Dakota said...

Harper has said that he will serve his entire mandate, that is why he put forward legislation to have fixed terms.

Alex Dakota

Red State Canucks

wilson61 said...

IMO, PMSH wants the history books to note he held the longest running minority government in Canada. (I know I'm repeating myself)

He says he doesn't want an election, but who knows what his next surprise will be!
He won't want Dion to get a grip, but he also won't want NDP to be wiped out (divided left)
Oct 2009 looks good.

Susan said...

Exactly - he'll say anything he thinks he has to.

lance said...

Harper threatening confidence votes was the equivalent of the parent saying, "Do I have to stop."

_Everyone_ knew that Liberals were not prepared to go to the polls. Naturally that didn't stop the idiots from playing silly bugger politics. Harper had to step in and tell them to play nice.

Just another grown-up doing their job raising children.


burlivespipe said...

Apparently, the koolaide was free this week in Torytown. Harpor no more wants to serve a full 'minority' mandate than Paris Hilton wants to bath and clothe the homeless. If forced to, by a court order, he'd go thru the motions... However, every act he's taken since getting into 24 sussex has been about pinning the opposition into a corner, then pulling the 'I didn't want an election, but...' trick. As Steve said, all summer long he was daring people to call his bluff -- then he could tell the electorate that he warned the opposition, that it was their foolish act that put us in this situation. Heck, the populace didn't want a winter election last year, but Harpor and his other two stooges trumped dithers. Harpor wants a majority gov't. Maybe Axle Dakota isn't John Baird pretending to be a woman, and perhaps Wilson16 isn't bragging about his iQ, but I can see right through that beard...

Steve V said...

"Apparently, the koolaid was free this week in Torytown."

I'm going to have to change the locks in here.