Saturday, December 02, 2006

Where Does Ignatieff Go?

Believe it or not, that is the early question on the networks. Reporters are openly speculating that Ignatieff is finished, which is amazing, given he is the front-runner and the real voting has just begun. Early buzz is Ignatieff will go to either Kennedy or Dion, with little chance of a move to Rae. The buzzword for Ignatieff- meltdown. The reporters must be sensing some mood on the convention floor, because such talk would seem pre-mature.

Justin Trudeau said "he can't confirm" the talk of Dryden ultimately moving to Kennedy, but the rumor seems to have some weight. Findlay moves to Dion, but her campaign manager moves to Kennedy. Brison moves to Rae, and it looks as though Rae will get alot of his delegates, with others moving to Ignatieff and Dion.

Ignatieff the kingmaker??


Psychols said...

Interesting discussion about Ignatieff going to Kennedy or Dion Steve, but do you really think he would throw his support behind someone other than his ex room mate?

Steve V said...

I just Rae move to Ignatieff, so the old roommates might still be together. Lots of speculation about a deal.