Friday, December 01, 2006

Huge Delegate Turnout

For the campaigns worried about delegate turnout, this result should give comfort:
A record 5,627 delegates and alternate delegates have registered at the Liberal leadership convention, party officials announced today.

Steven MacKinnon, the party’s national director, said the tally makes the gathering the largest at a delegated convention in Canadian history.

The total delegates include 748 so-called ex-officio delegates — former and current party officials, MPs and senators.

There were 4696 delegates chosen on super-weekend. Minus the ex-officos registered gives a total of 4879 registered delegates, plus alternates. This high number should mean most campaigns will have near-full slates when alternates are taken into account.

Somewhat disappointing, or encouraging if real democracy is a personal preference, only 67.7% of eligible ex-officos are registered ( 748 out of 1105). I suppose you could spin this finding as a help to those without strong ex-offico support, as their votes will have less overall impact.

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