Friday, December 01, 2006

MSM Post-Speech Assessments

These are generalities of course, but the overall framing from the networks and CPAC:


No question, Dryden's speech was universally lauded as the best. Passion, which was Dryden's apparent shortcoming, and a clear vision. Words such as "riveting" and "inspiring".


Most said Ignatieff started off slow, with some wondering why his video intro was so long. Andrew Coyne pointed out that Ignatieff used half the words of other speeches. General consensus that Ignatieff finished strong and did nothing to hurt his chances, may have helped allay some fears.


The fireside chat approach seemed to resonate, although some commented on a few occasions where Rae "wandered". Rae's Liberal name-dropping was a good way to show he was a Liberal at heart. Basic gist of the commentary, "Rae hit all the right notes", although some questioned whether his speech was enough to close the gap with Ignatieff. Some comments about Rae not speaking any French until halfway through his speech, which may be an endorsement for prompters.


General consensus was Kennedy did himself some good with his speech. Words such as "energetic", "passionate" and "vision". A few commentators said Kennedy had the best "direction" speech in offering Liberals a new way forward and did well to show he was up for the job. The only negative commentary, Rae and Ignatieff didn't blunder, so Kennedy might have trouble being seen as a serious threat. All commentary agreed that Kennedy may have soldified his hold on third.


Of the big four, Dion's speech received the most criticism. If I had to choose one word that gives an overview of the post-speech analysis it would be "flat". Nobody felt Dion helped his chances with this speech, and some thought it hurt him, especially compared with Kennedy's. Some good moments, especially at the beginning on national unity, when Dion received a standing ovation, but other than that forgettable.

Volpe moving to Rae wasn't the big television moment you would suspect. In fact, several of Volpe's supporters were quickly moving to Ignatieff to counter-act any sense of Rae momentum.

There did seem to be more talk of a two-man race, which may have reflected the relatively good speeches by Rae and Ignatieff, the subpar Dion speech and the fact that the media never takes Kennedy seriously. Now the votes...

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Sounds about right. Brison was good too.