Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Maybe It's Just Me

First, let me admit something. In recent months Stephen Harper had looked more and more prime ministerial. The way Harper carried himself, the subtle confidence, he really seemed to be hitting his stride. I'm not speaking about policy, just the sense that he looked comfortable in his role and it showed.

However, maybe it's the slander and such, or my own bias, but Harper looks less "elevated" than before. If you have a moment, take a look at this exchange today with Ignatieff:

I really think Harper has lost his bearing. Everytime I watch him recently he's slightly red, flustered behind the bravado and he generally doesn't look like a Prime Minister. Harper looks like your average politican, there is no air to him. I can't quantify it, others can accuse me of creating something, but I really believe the last week has cost Harper, and it may have a lasting impact.


ottlib said...

You noticed he was a little flushed too eh?

Maybe they are putting TV makeup on him and the one applying it is demonstrating why he is doing it for politicians instead of in Hollywood.

I agree, the shine seems to have come off a little bit with Mr. Harper. Perhaps he is not enjoying the job as much as he used to.

Walks With Coffee said...

calling Mr. Harper on his blatant misstating of the facts... long overdue... very long overdue.

Karen said...

For some reason that clip won't load, but I saw QP today.

I can't quantify it, others can accuse me of creating something, but I really believe the last week has cost Harper, and it may have a lasting impact.

I agree, it will, if he stays in that space. (That's not quantifiable stuff btw.)

The thing is, I think, push Harp into a corner, make him angry, then he just takes on that persona, that I happen to believe is him.

Interesting really. He's trying to paint Dion as soft, yet he's obviously disturbed by the what is coming from the other side. I'm not sure we've seen him stoop as low as he can go, but the PM veneer, poof, gone.

Walks With Coffee said...

quote: "The thing is, I think, push Harp into a corner, make him angry, then he just takes on that persona, that I happen to believe is him."

Yes... but the main point may be that the MSM is just about ready to turn off the free pass "get out of jail free" card they gave Mr. Harper. He has gotten a nearly total free ride since a year ago Christmas holiday when the false allegations against Goodale were wrongly raised. Headlines have been more than nice even when the PM was blundering badly and mistating the facts boldly... now however, the Liberals are calling him on it and the press might just be waking up to Harper BS... and Mr. Harper is rattled.

... about time.

Anonymous said...

Nah, he's the same as he always was.

We've just had our rose coloured glasses blown off. Remember "he's restrained by being in a minority", "he'll have to moderate in order to gain a majority", remember those?

I suspect he has some inhouse polling that shows he's pissed off some of his base by caving on same sex marriage, income trusts and so on.

So he's responding in the way that part of his base wants to see. They were probably asked some variant of "What should Lord Stephen do?" and we're seeing him deliver.

Oh and Steve, ignore my email about the word verification box. That was IE doing it's thing.

Karen said...

walks with coffee, I sincerely hope you're right. I have my doubt's though. They seem enamoured with the "guy down" story, (enough even to create one), and ignore the one who is pummelling him.

I don't know who watched Duffy tonight, but Akin filled in. He was balanced I thought. Not easy on the Lib's, but at least posed question's from both sides.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where Olaf is? Maybe he just went ahead and joined up formally like he talked about the other day. Soon he'll be blogging from the PMO.

Steve V said...


If he did join, he might be on his way for some training.

burlivespipe said...

Looked a little flush... methinks it was because all the ladies situated around him forgot to wear their 'Nerd-osa' makeup -- "the copper blush that brings out the manly in your nerd!"

Don't forget, this guy sleeps with a focus group. If the canadian public has gas from his 'high-octane bullying' then he's about to pass the stinkiest fart since man walked with dinosaurs.

Steve V said...

"Don't forget, this guy sleeps with a focus group."

Burl please, Prime Minister Harper doesn't concern himself with public opinion, take him at his word.

Seriously, I noticed the change after the slur, which made me think he was aware that he crossed the line, and he was getting very negative feedback.

Anonymous said...

He is afraid of Iggy's stare and finger...give it to him Iggy...granny

Anonymous said...

I also noticed Harper looks down more - a sign he can't look the questioner in the eye and that he is lying.

I also noticed when Harper was personally attacking Bains, that Emerson was not just flushed but RED and he looked down the whole time.

Serge Menar of the BLOC said on Don Newman that he has no love for Dion (because of the sovereignty issue) BUT he said that Dion was very courageous. Menard also said that he has been on the security committee together with Joe Comartin since 2002 and indicated that Harper isn't telling all. Menard then went on to blast the "media" for extremely poor coverage of the sunset clause issue and were looking for headlines and failed at their job.
(not exact words, but the context of what he was saying).

A sovereigntist saying Dion was courageous spoke volumes to me.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't noticed the change because I can't bear to look at the TV when he's on. I have to listen to his words through the French translater. But what you describe are the classic symptoms of control freak frustration. For him hours of plotting every detail for a while lead to minor successes when we would see his little gloating smirk and his so-called priministerial look. But now he's not getting his way and he's being called to task in a very focussed and repetitive way and he's feeling out of control and embattled and frustrated and furious.

In the past when this happened he would just quit and put his sights on higher stakes, but where's he to go now? He could run for President south of the border.