Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Harper made a curious statement today in an interview with Mike Duffy. Harper made the usual pronouncements that his primary concern was giving Canadians good government, blah, blah, blah. Then, responding to election speculation he said the following:
"I don't want an election, I believe that is best for us, and it's best for the country"

Interesting that country comes after self-interest. A minor point, but an insight into the thought process.

On polls, Harper typically dismisses them as though he doesn't pay attention, but then when the Ontario numbers are introduced, he suddenly has some keen knowledge:
"what are less reliable than national polls are regional polls, which have huge margins of error, and there are different polls out there, with different results"
Of note, as Duffy was reading the Strategic Counsel numbers, showing him well ahead of Dion, Harper tried very hard to wipe the smug smirk off his face, lest he admit his does care.

From the bizarre column, referring to Bill Gates, Harper comes out with this:
"My wife calls the world's sexiest man". Harper asks why? "When a man has that much money he's sexy"

Deep Mrs. Harper, deep.


Karen said...

Well damn Steve, why aren't you a reporter in Ottawa?

I did notice your first point and Harper's answer, but then I think I got so incensed by Duffy using terms like, "the Liberal's are stalling", "being soft on terror", etc., I didn't pick up on the rest.

I getting pretty tired of this stuff. I think Duff is old school and thinks that by "siding" with the interviewee, he'll get more out of them, though he seems more and more to only afford that proclivity to the right. I'm not being paranoid, but I'm watching.

As for Laureen's comment, I'd be pretty hard pressed to call Gates sexy, (unless of course I was married to Harper).

I do not find Gates sexy in the least, but I like what he's doing with his money. I thought his political comments were out of line though. He's just propped up a government that has little regard for AID's, in the here and now. Funding for vaccines is fine, (though controversial), but real action now, on the ground...getting the medication to those who need it NOW, would be better. That show's ideology to me.

Steve V said...

I think you are right about Duffy, he almost looked smitten interviewing Harper.

Olaf said...


Was this seriously the best you could come up with today? Let's see what we learned:

a) When listing, everyone lists in order of preference. If I say "I like cats, dogs and parakeets", it means I like cats more than dogs and parakeets, dogs more than parakeets, and I like parakeets least of all. Intriguing hypothesis.

b) Harper, like every one who either plays attention to politics or has even a cursory understanding of how polls work, understands that with a smaller sample size, there is a larger margin of error

c) You think Harper was smirking

d) Laureen Harper thinks people with money are sexy

I agree with KNB, this was reporting at its very, very best.

Steve V said...

Don't you have a Kyoto bashing post to attend to? ;)

I'm thinking of applying at The National Post. From all appearances it looks easy, everyday the PMO faxes over the talking points and you just throw in a few phrases for cover. As a slacker, that sounds attractive.

Anonymous said...

Touche, Steve. You are spot on tonight.

Note I'm only saying complementary things, don't want to be slayed when your in cutting form . . .

I'm just kidding. Good for you for not putting up with the malarkey.

Anonymous said...

Oh super, now we get to see Canada's most powerful man try to get enough money so his wife thinks he's sexy too.
I wonder. Does Boss Harp think Gates is sexy?
Harp's wife is allowed to gallavant around town on a gay man's arm, but how about if she was on Gates' arm? Not so good.
Looks like someone is soft on marriage.

Anonymous said...

I decided yesterday to stop watching Duff...he lets the guests speak over each other for one thing, and I dislike the way he introduces some of his guests with his wink wink etc. Also, he seems delighted when he can give the Libs a bad time. Compared to Don Newman..there is no comparison. Don tries to keep things fair, keeps each guest to a time-limit. He sometimes gets in over his head but on the whole comes out less for one party over another.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Stephane Dion who said "Let's get ready for the election", moments after winning the Liberal leadership race on Dec 2nd