Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Polls And A-Holes

Pardon the blunt characterization, but after today's embarrassment, the word seems appropriate for our Prime Minister. Remember, this is the man who ran on restoring integrity and honor to government. Instead, our national dialogue is awash in venomous, mean-spirited personal attacks, issues are used to sow division and the gutter is king. Whatever it takes to acquire the ultimate power, whatever it takes- Paul Martin looks regal compared to this lot. Decency and decorum are casualties as Stephen Harper lusts towards his goal. It's not about policy differences, it boils down to one fact, these are not good people, this man isn't worthy of his office. Period. Today was an objective disgrace.

On the issue of the latest poll, one point is particularly striking. How can it be that Stephane Dion scores third on climate change? While others waste energy trying to deny a sobering, growing truth, I think it better to acknowledge the challenge. This was supposed to be Dion's issue, and more and more it looks like a wash, which is pure gold for Harper. Is it that we haven't articulated the case, or has Harper marketed effectively, or a combination of both? I'll admit, if Dion loses this issue as a strong talking point, it means serious trouble. Afterall, this was the cornerstone of his campaign, the primary talking point. If the issue gets lost in a discussion of semantics, Harper wins, this was his main achilles heel.

Maybe this is temporary bottom, but Dion needs to release some strong policy positions right now. Something bold, that takes people aback and ends the flood of negative coverage. Knock the media out of the Dion as pinuta mode, it's hard to watch at present.


Anonymous said...

You're so good at seeing what's wrong with Harper but you can't see what's right with Dion. Given Harper's devious nastiness, don't you think it's a good idea not to lay it all out for him to play savage word games on it or to steal the ideas.

Let Harper strut, when Dion is ready, he'll be there as the calm rational leader who cares about the country, not power for power's sake, and his policies will be clear and detailed, not like the AIDS announcement or any of the other recent money announcements with zero content.

The press are having a feeding frenzy right now - how long is that going to work before it gets repetitive and tired? You should be putting your brain and your writing talents to the task at hand - namely showing in detail that Harper is all smoke and mirrors behind which is mean-spiritedness, a very unhealthy lust for power and policies that are not good for Canadians.

We should be commenting on his adopting Bush's war mongering, using words like 'soft on terror' and trying to ram through anti-terrorism provisions that many Canadians didn't like even when one might have thought they were needed. Why is Harper so big on this - clearly because he's going to look like a failure to his neo-con buddies - he'll lose face with the guys.

We should be looking at each of his cabinet members and identifying where they have failed to deliver and how all that comes out of their mouths is not double speak but no-speak.

And finally, look at the power of the Liberals: Goodale, who had the right to say what he did today given what the cons did to him in the last election, was great. Ignatieff was spot on, each one had presence and integrity. Dion did his bit and then let Harper look like the schoolyard bully and street scrapper that he is.


lance said...

Harper just gave Dion the ideal opportunity.

Let the liblogs and the "wayyyy" back benchers go on cue with the moral outrage and the righteous indignation. _Nobody_ does it better than Goodale, nobody. Jason Kenny needs to watch him and learn.

Then, between the howling, have Iggy and Dion start tossing out policy teasers.

The Libs have to make sure they have _good_ speaking points. Two sentence, bang, bang. They want to be real careful not to pull the attention away from the howls of pain and torture though. Not until it's just about ready to go elsewhere . . . then bam, change the channel for the newsies.

Back up Dion and Iggy with Kennedy, Findlay, and Rae doing one on ones w/ the Names filling in some of the policy sound-bites.

They may salvage something from this half yet.

Bloody Harper and his bloody brain cramp.


Steve V said...

Well said Susan. The interesting thing about Harper mucking around, it does play to Dion's strength, honesty and integrity. Dion looks attractive compared with shark eyes touring the pool.

"When Dion is ready"

The question, is there time? We may have weeks, maybe a couple of months, so the curve must be steep. That may be unfair for Dion, he has alot on his plate, but that's the reality. I think some strong policy positions would demonstrate leadership and a firm alternative to Harper. I mean, he attacks irregardless, why not try and guide the talking points?

I'm not down on Dion, but the trends are concerning. Those environment numbers are troublesome, I'm just acknowledging that. I really thought the honeymoon would be longer, the press would cut Dion some slack, but apparently not.

Steve V said...

"Harper just gave Dion the ideal opportunity."

He sure got the blood flowing didn't he?

lance said...

So say'th Susan: "Let Harper strut, when Dion is ready, he'll be there as the calm rational leader who cares about the country, not power for power's sake, and his policies will be clear and detailed,"

....And in the twelfth week of Dion's ascendency he shall rise above the petty politics of the house. He shall cast those of the twisted tongue before him, 'Shame. Have you no honour? Shame.' And they shall be shamed...

All: And so they shall.
Here ends the sermon.

Snort! "Not for power's sake", Coffee Alert! next time, please!


Anonymous said...

I really like your Blog Steve, but find it extremely difficult to read due to the background being black. I actually get dizzy from it. Don't know if anyone else experiences this but it's a nightmare. Just wanted to let you know.
Keep up the great blogging!

Steve V said...


I should probably change that. Thanks for the feedback.

Dr. Tux said...

Susan, Steve, Lance,

Great comments!

My only other point is that we aren't yet in an election so Dion can't release a policy platform. What is interesting though, is that he can introduce bills that will force the direction of government if they pass. As we see with the recent Kyoto Bill.

Whatever happened to the Kelowna Bill Martin tabled? How about a childcare bill?

These are just some ideas of course.