Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My running thesis is that Fox News North only survives if it gets enough attention from its detractors. Left alone, the conservative circle jerk doesn't have the JAM or the intellectual appeal to become a ratings success. However, through controversy and fascination from our side of the political spectrum, SunTV is provided the oxygen it desperately needs. Judging from the running commentary I've seen, I'd be willing to wager that any breakdown of SunTV ratings would show an almost curious split in political persuasion.

My only exposure to SunTV is what I read on social media and/or mainstream stories. Today, I see on National Newswatch this item that the CBSC has been flooded with complaints about some interview that was particularly offensive. This worries me in one sense, because flooded translates to viewers, outrage is inconsequential, what has relevance is ad revenue and all that matters is you're watching, approvingly or not. See, I don't think SunTV cares if you make criticize it, it only cares that you pay attention, tsk tsk equates to CHA CHING.

When Fox News North was first floated, I spent a lot of time watching Kory Teneycke flame out, then resisting in my own small way through various minor avenues. However, once it became reality, the dye cast, I've chose to ignore the network, or at least only read or hear via secondary sources. I have a running tally of how many minutes of SunTV I've watched directly since it hit the airwaves. This number isn't distorted or dishonest, this is the "I kid you not" accurate calculation:

If my fellow progressives, centrists, leftists followed suit, I remain convinced people wouldn't have to complain to the CBSC or fret about the latest outrage, we would grin widely when the plug gets pulled. Big picture, rather than rail, bail.


marie said...

Big Zero from here also. I'll be damned if I will pay to watch that piece of crap even if it means changing my server from Shaw to else where. I will certainly make a big fuss if they even try to promote garbage like that.

Steve V said...

Even if I'm flicking through the channels, I make sure to bypass the channel, because you never know if it will get counted as a viewer and help pay the bills :)

Jim Parrett said...

My cable co. doesn't carry the channel so I've seen 0 minutes. However, I did blog about that particular segment from what I found out NN.

I imagine a lot of those complaints are not so much from viewers but from people who have read about it in the media and in blogs. So no worry. Fox News North will never find any kind of substantial audience. Just a bunch of jaded blogging tories and the odd Con job or two.

Steve V said...

Not so sure Jymn, I see plenty of attention, which is all that matters.

Steve V said...

BTW, if people want to watch, I don't mean to be preachy, everyone makes their own choice, this is just mine and I think it sound, on a host of levels, least of which my own sanity :)

jmnlman said...

It's interesting even amongst the social conservative friends of mine including my dad. They really don't talk about the channel that much it's mostly whining about the CBC when they discuss TV. I know my dad does watch it occasionally but it's not 24/7 like I was afraid it was going to be.

bigcitylib said...

"Judging from the running commentary I've seen, I'd be willing to wager that any breakdown of SunTV ratings would show an almost curious split in political persuasion..."

You're right. On average, at any given time, 9 Conservatives and 7 Liberals are watching FNN.

And yeah I suspect most of this came from watching the youtube clip. An artist friend of mine said the incident was all anyone in the community has talked about for the past couple of weeks.

Joe said...

I wouldn't call myself a fan of interpretive dance in the truest sense of the word but of all the performing arts I would most likely pay money to watch interpretive dance ahead of any of the others.

I don't have Sun TV and don't care if it is available or not.

However I would love to know what is offensive about questioning tax subsidies of all types. Industry, artist, political, charitable etc etc etc. That does not mean I want all subsidies killed. But rather I think it best to ask the legitimate question which subsidies should be in place and which ones should be ended.

Jerry Prager said...


Omar said...

Holy fuck, Joe, do you go to bed at night fretting about tax subsidies and which ones should be killed or not? It must be a sad existence to be that consumed about such an issue. Too bad your energies didn't flow toward something more benefiting society, but that is today's conservatism I guess.

weeble said...

Joe, did you actually watch the interview? If you had, you would not be making any comments about tax subsidies etc etc.
How that "journalist" misled and attacked a world-renowned artist whom we should be proud that she wears the Canadian flag was absolutely disgusting. Worse, these criticisms came from people supportive of a government who can freely spend $35B in fighter jets which do not even have the capabilities Canada needs. Do you know how long that money would support ALL of the arts programs in Canada.
Just a small point, she has received grants over the past 12yrs (if memory serves) which have totalled $2M.....uh, ok....like what are we talking about here...$175,000 a year to support her entire organization, salaries, facilities etc etc.
Are you for real quibbling about taxpayer subsidies......crap, Harpie just spent 3 times that on an increase in his cabinet.
It blows me away that arts are of lesser importance than sport which has received a significant amount of money in the past years, or did we forget the massive 'own the pdium' program.
I digress....I hope FoxNews goes under and soon...time to reclaim our airwaves for fair and constructive journalism...oh yeah...sometimes a good news organization criticizes the government....they do not always make good choices, this one especially.