Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New Anthem

I was able to get my hands on the rumored changes to the national anthem, proposed by the government:

O Conada!
O Conada!

Our home and increasingly right leaning land

True patriot love in all thy straight sons command.

With indifferent hearts we see thee rise,

The True North strong and free from parliamentary supremacy

From far and wide,

O Conada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and tough on crime

O Conada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Conada, we stand on guard against Iggee.


Bruce Stewart said...

Not at all up to your usual standard. Stick to analysis, polls and the like. This post is beneath you, and unworthy of you.

Steve V said...

Tough crowd.

sassy said...

Tough crowd

And one of them seems a tad grumpy today. ;-)

Steve V said...

On the plus side, he thinks I had standards ;)

ThinkingManNeil said...

How 'bout this one?

CPoC O! Canada!

O! Canada!
We truly hate the gays!
Godly patriots love in only Fundie ways!

From way down South we smell the stench of the Far North warmed and soiled, but our Bay Street Friends they can do no wrong and neither can Big Oil! (Or Israel!)

God, you made us Men, white and proud and rich. Women's rights? They should be damned! That'll teach the uppity bitch!

O Canada, Harper has buggered you!


Omar said...
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Steve V said...

Much better than the version I just saw floated on CBC. Even Tom Flanagan said this is dumb, because once you start messing with the lines, it will never end.

Anonymous said...

oh Conada,
the land of culture for everyone
just as long as no artists, women, brown people or gays, or anyone like that have any fun

with glowing hearts,
we watch FOX teevee,
that revelrous idiocracy,
on advice from some republicans we aligned ourselves w/doughnuts and hockey

we read about snowmobiles,
in magazines,
it suits us to a teee
o Conada from fishless sea to fishless sea

stealing snow
from one mountain, to give it to an other mountain,
looks good on teevee
with elite athletes all over them

we're still fat and stiff
imaginationless, and boring as all hell,
pretty dumb at math,
we deny deficits, climate change and anything else we can black out with a sharpie

O Conada
our land of fat guys in bad suits
its an ugly place but we like it better that way
its an ugly place but we like it better that way

True North said...


I like to think of myself as a tolerant person,
but you are STUPID!

The sad part is that you probably laughed your guts out posting that.

Have you no respect for anything?

Grow up and start posting like an adult.

Steve V said...

There's a facebook group that's started to save the anthem.

Anonymous said...

Whenever the Conreformservatives say they're going to "modernize", "streamline" "recalibrate" or otherwise change anything - it's ideology all the way. It's nothing to laugh at. It makes me weep, really it does.

So, no I don't respect much but don't let a STUPID chump like me stand in the way of your ability to think of yourself as a tolerant person.


True North said...


I don't happen to be a conservative

I happen to be a card carrying liberal.

And you are still stupid

Anonymous said...

As you wish.

Like I said, far be it for me to get in the way of what you can tolerate.

And good on you for carrying a card.

Ward of the State said...

I'd settle for changing "our home and native land" to the more accurate "our home on native land" but that's just me. ;)

Steve V said...

I think it should be "our home on indigenous peoples land". And then we can also have a review every 20 years to incorporate the latest PC characterizations.

Anonymous said...

I know someone who, (for years) thought our home and native land was all one word. Something like:

Bruce Stewart said...

I do think you have standards. Your follow on post showed that.

The comments stream, unfortunately, showed that you were closer to the zeitgeist of your readers than I was.

Steve V said...

Fair enough.