Thursday, March 18, 2010


The new EKOS poll is out, showing minimal change. Looking week to week, we see the Conservatives with a 4% lead this week, 2% last week, 3% the week before, 3% the week before, showing a static trend. This week, the Cons gain a point, the Libs lose one:
Cons 33.1%(31.9%)
Libs 28.9%(29.6%)
NDP 15.7% (16%)
Greens 11% (10.8%)

Looking at the regionals, the slight Liberal lead is gone in Ontario, both parties score 35.6%, the NDP 16.3%, Greens 10.4%. That's the main change week to week.

On the right direction/wrong direction question, voters are evenly split. However, when you consider the disporportionate negative reaction in Quebec, the numbers are slightly better overall for the Conservatives.

Overall, it looks like EKOS give the Conservatives the slightest of leads, which minor fluctuation week to week. Looking at all the polls in totality, we see a statistical tie to slight Conservative lead, that appears to be the new normal.


Jerry Prager said...

Time for Iggy to lead or step aside.

Greg said...

Steve, Kady is saying the NDP is bringing in a motion of privilege today. Yippee (if it is true).

Northern PoV said...

The dark art of polling...

couldn't have said it better myself

Greg said...

It is true and Derek Lee joined the fun! Yippee!

Steve V said...

It's a SPINEathon!!


I'm not even bothering to read. Such a repetitive bore.

Tof KW said...

It is true and Derek Lee joined the fun! Yippee!

Actually Mr Lee beat Mr Harris to the punch. Though it was unexpected, Mr Lee rose to his feet and began arguing his motion of privilege minutes before Mr Harris was scheduled to do so. Regardless of who was first, hurray!!! M Bachand of the Bloc has joined in - and lo and behold our opposition parties have grown a collective spine.

I am so proud, democracy in this country has not become the farce I thought it had.

Meanwhile Lukiwski (of all people) is trying to defend the Reformatories - and not doing a very good job either. I do believe the Harpernauts have been caught flat-footed. For that matter, did Mr Lee do the same to his own party?

Stay tuned to CPAC folks, this is going to be a big day in politics.

49 Steps said...


Yes siree,

Lee has beaten Harris to the punch.

Miaracle of all miracles.

Has the opposition finally found their spine?

Stay tuned, today could be a BIG day.

Steve V said...

I love both Lee and Harris, this is tough stuff!!

Tof KW said...

I fully agree Steve. Kudos to both of them for standing up to the Reformatories and defending parliamentary supremacy!

The Brits beheaded Charles I to defend this principle - how could we let our parliament slip away from fear of what King Stevie might do?

Steve V said...

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what the opposition was up. Now, it looks like a co-ordinated blitzkrieg.

Omar said...

Now, if only the Liberals had an inspiring, and dare I say 'competent' Generalissimo to lead this co-ordinated blitzkrieg maybe we'd see some significant improvement in the polls. I mean, come on. Fuck this two steps forward three steps back shit. Jerry is right. Time for Iggy to lead or step aside.

Tof KW said...

Steve may have it. I mentioned the other day that something was up when it seemed our opposition parties were caving yet again. I am beginning to think this was a coordinated effort between the Libs, NDP and BQ to catch the Reformatories off guard. And it seems to have worked :)

RuralSandi said...

Perhaps Iggy is playing possum. You can't even hint at showing your hand to Harper

If only the NDP would quit wheeling and dealing with Harper on other matters - I don't trust them

RuralSandi said...

Check out Aaron Wherry's blog (Macleans).

Tof KW said...

Perhaps Iggy is playing possum. You can't even hint at showing your hand to Harper

Interesting thought. The opposition is starting to play chess, while all Harper has left is to play poker? Call his bluff, but make sure you've got at least 4-5 moves planned ahead.