Sunday, March 07, 2010

"This Is Ugly. This Makes Somalia Look Very Small"

It's never a good thing when Terry Milewski starts sniffing around. For those who haven't seen it:

Greg Weston outlines WHY the opposition MUST reject the Conservatives latest stalling tactic:
"No one seems to know how long it will take Iacobucci to complete his review, but the move could plausibly put the whole issue out of the public spotlight until after a fall election."

The government will have a motivating argument to triggering a fall election, in the same way they forced one in 2008. Parliament may not reconvene, so if the Conservatives can run out the clock this spring, the detainee question might never reach crescendo. Couple this concern with a budget next year, that can no longer avoid tough and unpopular decisions, the rationale to go this fall becomes quite sound from their perspective, maybe even a necessity.

Weston, with one more succinct point, that has always "said it all" from my perspective:
"For a government with nothing to hide, it is certainly going to extraordinary lengths to hide it."



Jerry Prager said...

This is the big story, CBC is the only one carrying it however. Over on CAPP we have been compiling a data bank on Attaran, since the conbloggers are trying to paint him as an iggybot. here's the link, it's mostly a collection of links of who where and what Attaran does and stands for.

Nero Wolfe said...

The conservatives are complicit, in torture, and have committed war crimes, and everybody knows it.

I wish the self deluded conservatives would stop trying to defend that bullshit.

Moral decency, demands we look into this issue.

I forgot though those freakin self righteous conservatives have no standards, ethics, or morals do they?

Anyhing Stephen Harper does is fine
with them.

Time for the conservatives to pull their heads out of their butt and own up to the filthy piece of rubbish we have for a PM

Jerry Prager said...

As well for your FYI,
we also have a data link for Frank Iacobucci and his son Edward, the Tories point man on privateering the commons, deregulation, and the selling off of Canadian assets.

Steve V said...

Thanks for the links Jerry. It's CBC's story right now, it will make the rounds this week, no doubt.

I confess I haven't read the conbots. Went over yesterday, I'm good until summer ;) It's nothing more than an ugly little cadre of marginal morons. Seriously.

Nero Wolfe said...


Yes the conbots have been working overtime to smaear Attaran.

Frankly they are disgusting.

Attack the messenger, and not the message.

Typical conservative bullshit.

Steve V said...

"Anyhing Stephen Harper does is fine with them."

It is interesting, to watch people throw their supposed principles out the window to defend this guy.

Steve V said...

How did attacking Colvin work out for them?

When you have no concrete retort....

Tof KW said...

"It is interesting, to watch people throw their supposed principles out the window to defend this guy.

They have none. Their only 'principle' is to keep the Libs from power, short of that their principles are non-existent.

Jerry Prager said...

I sent an email to Attaran, asking him if he would provide some background on the Harvard story, he's probably getting spammed so badly now my message got lost.
I included the Iacobucci link, because it strikes me the Cons want to use the father, clear their name, in return for giving the son a bigger platform, part of del Mastro's bullshit efforts to bury the past of the Conservative party's role in granting Mussolini's vice consuls free reign in turning all Canadese social organizations into fascist clubs. The same kind of deny and conquer, rally the conservative Italian-catholic vote. RB Bennett and Stephen Harper are cut from the same ideological cloth.

Jerry Prager said...

as I've aid before many times, budget deficits can be reduced by asset sales, Edward Iacobucci's field of expertise.

Tof KW said...

...budget deficits can be reduced by asset sales, Edward Iacobucci's field of expertise.

A fallacy - Harris' common sense revolution is my first example to show that's bullshit. Deficits can't be controlled without the following two; massive spending cuts and tax increases.

Jerry Prager said...

Harris met a firestorm of opposition, but 95% of Canada -or some such huge figure - is crown land.
That's a lot of asset in itself, a lot of water sources etc.

ottlib said...

Yes this could get very ugly for the Conservatives.

Although the allegations are unproven even a hint that the government intentionally assisted in the torture of Afghan detainees is explosive.

On another note when those dicks from the Canadian Airborne Regiment tortured and killed that Somali boy it was the Reformatories who lead the charge to get to the bottom of the whole sordid affair.

They were the ones demanding a public inquiry and the heads of various Ministers.

They did not seem to care that said Somali was up to no good with regard to Canadian troops. That of course is not an excuse for what they did but part of the Conservatives' defence in the current situation is these detainees are a threat to Canadian troops.

Conservative hypocracy, say it isn't so!!

It is going to be poetic justice of epic proportions if these allegations really begin to take off and I am really going to love watching the Conservatives squirm.

Omar said...

I just hope Attaran has all his p's and q's in order. Some sort of confirmation is likely the reason other media outlets are shying away from the story for time being. If Attaran's assertions are somehow inflated or less than accurate, the Cons will have a field day.

Nero Wolfe said...

Why really infuriates me is the conservatives fliippant disregard of this issue.

They are nothing but a bunch of self righteous, freakin hypocrites.

Go on over to those a-hole blogging tories and take a look at their crap.

You will HURL!!!

Our intenational reputation is in the toilet with that useless sack of shit we have for a PM.

I hope that loser war criminal ends up in the Hague, where he bloody well belongs.

Steve V said...


I don't care to bother. Yesterday I had two clowns actually trying to spin Harper's anthem flip as a truimph. The lengths they will go to defend everything is simply astounding. Pathetic, it realy, really is.

Jerry Prager said...

This site has three PDF pages of redacted material that Attaran took with him to CBC

Jerry Prager said...

Gosselin's affidavit.

Nero Wolfe said...

Funny how Harper flip flopped on that anthem issue isn't it.

I thought he was such an incredibly strong leader who stood by his decisions.

What a sack of shit.

By the way was he on the jet with Flaherty to go and enjoy some double dobles with his beloved Tim Hortons crowd.


Tof KW said...

"Funny how Harper flip flopped on that anthem issue isn't it."

When something like 82% of Albertan are against it, you know it's a stinker. Well it served its purpose, it distracted the media and public from debating real issues ...for all of 24 hours anyway. Harper was only hoping it would have done so longer.

Jerry Prager said...

A gift for you Steve,

Steve V said...

Thanks Jerry.

I'll make the link easier :)

Steve V said...

BTW, love the glacier retreat graphing!

Nero Wolfe said...

Oh I get it now, this story is all bullshit.

Just total crap.

New conservative talking point today.

If there is nothing to it, when are the conservatives going to produce the unredacted documents.

As ordered by parlaiamen.

Any conservative have an answer for that.

Nero Wolfe said...


What happened to Michael.

He had his post in before me.

Steve V said...

My apologies :) Banned.

Tof KW said...

” Any conservative have an answer for that?”

Of course not, their only answer is to attack Mr. Attaran now because, well, that worked so well for them in regards to Mr Colvin’s testimony.

Nero Wolfe said...


New here didn't know

Thats ok

Go post his crap over on BT

Conservatives never answer that question though do they.

When are they going to produce the unredacted documents.

From what I can gather, there new talking point is that they are very afraid if they produce any individual MP can look at the documents, and leak to media
(Norman spector lastest bilge)


Norman spector should know better

Steve V said...

I actually enjoy watching Spector destroy his "reputation", ala Duffy. Nobody takes it seriously, his credibility is shot.

Nero Wolfe said...

Canadian Sense

When is big Steve gonna cough up the unredacted documents.

Stop your straw man bullshit,
and answer the flippin question.

If cons have nothing to hide, let them prove it.

I guess you never heard of the rule of law, and parliamentary supremacy.

You are a liar, and a disgusting pathetic troll.

You and your ilk make me sick

Steve V said...

Oh, that joke is banned to. Email me.

Nero Wolfe said...

Another whack job ban?

I have actually seen that guys post elsewhere.

He is so stupid, I almost feel sorry for him.

Notice I said almost

Steve V said...

Just ignore, it desperately wants attention. Other blogs can let it express, I have no time.

Anyways, Libs have sent Harper open letter this morning.

Tof KW said...

Nero Wolfe, just so you know - CanadianNon-Sense is a crackpot from Oakville that says nothing coherent, never stays on topic and supports anything Harper says or does without reservation (also probably a she). Trying to answer the 10 unrelated points CS usually posts will only yield 10 more new unrelated points. Best not to answer back. I'm down to personal insults on blogs that don't delete her useless dribble.

Steve V said...


You know what is hilarious? This person comes on here everyday, on multiple occasions, continually leaves comments, sometimes long ones at that, all the while knowing they'll be gone in 5 minutes. I don't even read it, my BB sends me the comment and name and I just hit click. It's the most pathetic thing I've seen, but I take comfort in watching somebody waste their days, desperate to post comments nobody ever sees. Quite flattering in one sense ;)

Anyways, this has been going on for months now. I just laugh.