Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cabinet Shuffle Tomorrow

It looks like the speculation ends tomorrow:
A hotly-anticipated cabinet shuffle in Ottawa is expected to happen Thursday affecting as many as five portfolios and 10 politicians, CTV News has learned...

The minister most rumoured as her potential replacement was Jim Prentice -- one of Harper's most trusted ministers -- but CTV News has learned tonight that he will likely remain as Minister of Indian Affairs. The Canadian Press says Treasury Board President John Baird and Industry Minister Maxime Bernier are being touted as possible candidates to replace Ambrose.

You would have to bet Harper picks Bernier to replace Ambrose, given the political climate in Quebec. However, for partisan reasons, I hope it's Blowhard Baird because he has the potential to be an obnoxious nightmare.

Speaking of obnoxious, I found this tidbit interesting:
O'Connor, at 67 years of age, is another minister that could choose not to run.

CTV News says there is speculation that Lew Mackenzie, a former major general in the Canadian forces who has moved into O'Connor's Ontario riding of Carleton-Mississippi Mills, might fill the defence post.

One more reason that this government can't be re-elected. An egomaniac, neo-con like Mackenzie at the helm is a scary proposition.


Darren McEwen said...

Ha! I highlighted that in my post as well.

What the hell? Jumping the gun a little early on the defence post?

They're grooming someone for the post and Gordon hasn't even stepped down, the Conservatives haven't won that riding (likely will) and haven't even won government again (likely won't).

Steve V said...

"What the hell? Jumping the gun a little early on the defence post?"

I know, pretty strange really. Maybe they need to consider it now, so staffers have time to elevate the ceilings in the House for MacKenzie's head.

Karen said...

O'Connor has done a terrible job of explaining the Conservative's position though, so I'm not surprised.

MacKenzie...geesh, this guy gets more air time than the PM. He's a sanctimonious SOB too.

Baird + environment ='s, nothing but "for 13 yrs. the previous government, blah, blah, blah."

Having two blow-hards on big files has the potential to implode.

Another name floated for environment was Clement...I guess because he's done so well on the Health file, lol.

Steve V said...


Didn't you come up with Baird The Red?

Anonymous said...

Whatever is shuffled and whoever is shuffled adds up to the same thing:
Now Harper can stand up and say that because of the change of guards in x-y-z files, all bets are off and we'll get back to you after consultations.
They're trying to buy time.
Emerson? Run anywhere? Where?
Emerson is going to shuffle off this stage and back to business as usual.
What does Emerson care about the reputation of Canada's government? What should he care?
What I want to know is what kind of pension or kickback Emerson will get for his stint in the Con party over and above that which he got for his service in the Libs.
When Emerson ditches Harper, or vice versa, the Canadian people deserve to be informed as to what Emerson made for his collusion with Harper to take the votes of his Vancouver-Kingsway voters and twist them into their own image.
I want to see some Harper accountability the minute Emerson "resigns" his conservative mantle.
As a Canadian and a voter I think it is only fair.
We'll soon see.

Steve V said...

Good point on Emerson, although I suspect the media will largely ignore the whole issue.

Darren McEwen said...

I wouldn't think Harper would want Emerson going into the election with a cabinet post.

I think most people will conclude that he's going to lose his Summer job in Ottawa and he'll take a beating on the campaign trail back home in Vancouver ... that's the last thing Harper wants on the front pages is a cabinet minister getting heckled in his home riding during the election.

Or maybe he'll just pull a Cheryl Gallant and campaign at night... with the crickets and tooth fairy. Magically appearing when you least expect him and when he can cause less damage.

Karen said...

I think I did I have to change that to Baird the Green now?

I heard Wajid Khan may be crossing the floor just now.

wayward son said...

I am not sure if Maxime Bernier would be any better a pick for environment minister than Baird. The only thing that I have heard about Bernier is that he is a Libertarian, which should mean that he would oppose any piece of legislation on the environment and probably thinks that Global Warming is a hoax - at least that seems to be the requirement to be a Libertarian. (Ambrose is a Libertarian as well)

I can't stand John Baird. One good thing about him getting the post is that it seems that the Environment Portfolio in the Harper government is a (political) death sentence. I no nothing of any qualifications he would have for the environment portfolio, but the same goes for every Conservative (except possibly Bob Mills).

Clement might not be too aweful a choice, as I have heard that he has at least some knowledge of the environment and seems to have made some environmental steps in his personal life. I can't verify either is true, but when it comes to the Conservatives, at least it is a start.

Bob Mills appears to be an environmentalist (of some sort) and I have heard him talk knowledgably about environmental issues, but he is from Alberta, so I guess that excludes him as Ambrose was an Albertan.

So, my pick for Conservative Environment Minister.....Garth Turner. Knows the issues and is willing to make a stink when he thinks that his (now former) party is on the wrong end of an issue.

I was just thinking that Ambrose and Baird are both really young - mid-thirties. I thought that younger people were supposed to have a grasp of environmental issues, so how are those two so clueless?