Monday, January 08, 2007

Minister of Bad Sports Analogies

Listening to John Baird yesterday, I was struck by often he used the following phrase "move the ball forward". Today, touring Stanley Park, Baird said the following:
"We are sort of behind the 8-ball in that the starting pistol went off 10 years ago when Kyoto was negotiated but the challenge for us is to play catch-up," he said.

Wow, Baird weaved three sport references into one sentence. Am I seeing a trend with our new Minister? Anyways, let's just hope the Conservatives step up to the plate, lace up their skates and deliver a punishing blow to greenhouse gases, it's crunch time.


ottlib said...

I bet the they are hoping he can stick handle this issue to deke out the opposition and bury it through the five hole.

Anonymous said...

Actually its way past crunch time.

We still have to try and mediate the effects by cutting back GHG oroduction but the larger and more urgent task ahead is quite frankly trying to figure out how to survive.

Most of the food crops we now grow we'll no longer be able to grow. A lot of communities will no longer be habitable. Some significant changes to building practices need to be studied. On and on.

We're, by this I mean humanity, at the point now that if we shut down everything that contributes and left it all shut down we would still have to wait a century or so to notice.

Steve V said...

Depressing, but true.