Monday, January 29, 2007


Did you know?:
Harper has surrounded himself with women.

Polls suggest his Conservatives face a particular handicap with female voters.

Which may explain why four of the five seats to his diagonal rear right - in just the perfect positioning for the TV cameras - are occupied by women. Surrounding that tight, televised circle around Harper is a sea of masculinity.

You have to hand to the government, they are thorough in their propaganda. To be fair, Dion has surrounded himself with his former rivals, but all this reveals is a show of unity and inclusiveness. Quite different from the obvious Tory attempt at visual deception.

A minor point, but another sign that everything isn't as it appears with this government. A consistent pattern of manipulation, entirely motivated by image, that has little relation to the truth. When you try so hard, it begs the question- do you have something to hide? Instead of offering a policy to increase female participation in parliament, like other parties, all we get from the Conservatives is a keen understanding of camera angles, meant to help shore up a weak spot. Newsflash, if you are really interested in attracting the female vote, quit wasting energy studying House of Commons videotape and develop an agenda that appeals. This government is consumed with projection, which is obviously rooted in deceit.


Red Butler said...

No intelligent Canadian will fall for any propaganda ploys from this destructive madman. Only neanderthals without social conscience lap up his drivel.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely disgusting example of parliamentary democracy that news story told! Harper is now using the democracy of Parliament in an attempt to pull one over on the newswatchers. May they have more brains than to fall for that!

Anonymous said...

Yah Harper strategically placing the women, that’s the ticket....we're so silly we'll never notice that Harper’s girl ensemble, hasn’t any real power and influence.
And next time we gals mark our X, we're sure to miss the fact that there isn't a little Conservative lady on the ballot.
Clever seating arrangements don’t impress me much.
This guy gets creepier by the day.

Walks With Coffee said...

I've been laughing on this one for years and "surprised" (oh gosh) it took them this long. Women typically don't answer political polls taken by the CPoC; not meaning to steriotype but CPoC men answer them more readily... and why CPoC polling is always 10% more optimistic than reality. Their polls have been biased toward their existing converts for years... seems they just figured that out after 15 years of reform polling. I've kept this quiet for some time... guess they know now... pretty thick that group. But the fact remains: Women don't like "Reform" nor "Harper"... and nothing is going to change because of camera angles.

Steve V said...

As an aside, the only benefit of the Tory camera manipulation, I had the opportunity to see Ambrose's painted, awkward smile, as Harper answered the question about her "firing".

Karen said...

painted smile??

I'd say there was a typo there Steve.

pained may be more appropriate, lol.

To do with nothing, I did notice that Michael Chong, (do I have that right, unconsulted guy, who I like actually), clapped at nothing today. He looked discouraged actually.

He's too principaled to cross that floor I think, but his heart isn't in it with this leader. Too bad, smart guy.

Anonymous said...

It's a photo-set up for sure.

Ambrose bobbing her head over Steve's left shoulder, Finley in shades just to the right, not bobbing so much as smirking on cue. When Harper stands up a good shot of the newly-minted Gurgais... yeah hard to pretend it's all an accident.
I did notice that he put Lunn down on the lower rungs so when he stands up when everyone else is sitting down he looks almost normal. The illusion is blown as soon as Harper's crew give a SO, and then Lunn even standing looks like he always does.
He's vertically challenged, Finley is eyesight challenged (or just thyroidally bug-eyed and self-conscious), and Jason Kenney has constant 5 o'clock shadow and looks like a Vinny you meet in an alley for favours, Baird looks like a failed drag queen with deplorable hair plugs which screams not-confortable-with-being-gay-at-my-age, yet Harper chooses his henchmen based on love for Canada, so its all good.
Baird risked his ass cruising Stanley Park when it was at it's meanest, and he sent money!

Anonymous said...

It'll take more than a little lipstick to make the PM Hogg look presentable...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! this government is trying to fool us. bastards! that's never been happened before.

Clearly he should pass a law mandating that men could only fill 49% of the seats.
or at LEAST promise to parachute women into his less-winnable ridings next election.

Anonymous said...

The propaganda won't work when Harper's ladies don't even stand up for women when they are insulted by an immature Foreign Affairs Minister - they just read off what Harper wants them to read.

Actually, Harper's gals look so weak they're an embarrassment when it comes to representing women in government.

Anonymous said...

I know what I'm going to say isn't really very nice, but true.

If Harper was so "image" conscious then why would he ask Jason Kenney to have a cleaner shave and get suits that fit, and why doesn't he get Baird to get suits that fit and "get them pressed"?

And, why are so many Conservative MP's overweight - I don't even mean chubby but "obese" including the PM - just take a look at them.

They must be living high on the hog on taxpayer money or something.

For a party that's pushing fitness for children, shouldn't they set by example?