Friday, January 26, 2007

No Wonder People Are Cynical

Every so often I try to put my cynicism about politicans on the back burner and actually believe in pure motivations. Today, I watched Arar press conference and thought to myself, we finally got it right. I was actually proud of Stockwell Day for his firm stance this week. It was nice to see Arar, with a sense of closure and genuine relief. Honor and justice finally win the day, great.

The next thing I do is turn on the computer, check out Progressive Bloggers, where I find this tidbit. I hadn't actually read the formal apology from Harper, once I did the whole mood had changed. I wonder if Arar is aware that he is nothing more than a political pawn, a vehicle to embarrass the Liberals and score some cheap points for the Conservatives. This apology is beyond crass, completely classless and unfortunately far too predictable.

Stephen Harper starts every thought within the lens of his own self-interest. Arar isn't a moral dilemna, a tragedy that needs to be righted. Arar is simply another opportunity to "show" Canadians what a great government we enjoy. Arar=vote potential + bad Liberals. Bingo! Canadian politics has always been a curious dance between partisanship and conviction, all too often the former drives the agenda. However, this government has lowered the bar to unprecedented heights. This government is consumed with marketing itself, like a soulless corporation which substitutes votes for profit. Surely to chr*&% Canada can do better than this low brow propaganda enterprise. Even when they get it right, they somehow manage to get it all wrong.


Karen said...

I've commented elsewhere so I won't repeat myself except to agree with you.

One other comment though. Don Newman interviewed someone from the Muslim community tonight. I apologise, I didn't see the beginning so I do not know his position or the group he represents, however, he was speaking on behalf of what the community wanted for Mr. Arar.

Newman was crass enough to ask, "so, does this give Harper points in the Muslim community?" To which the gentleman answered, "We hope that actions such as this are not done for political gain." (Both comments paraphrased).

Disgusting, because Newman pursued the point saying something like, "Well, we all know that is how it works, they all do it, that's the name of the game." (again paraphrased).

My advice to Newman and all who spew this junk, retire, please. You view what matters from a bubble that ignores what most of us care about. People's lives are not games for politicians to play with. Politic's should not be a game. I for one am sick of this being perpetuated by the media. They have become a group that believes what they have to say is more important than what is.

There are many on the right who believe media is "left". It's nonsense of course, but I would agree that many in the industry should be left behind.

Steve V said...


It does raise the question, are politicians a product of the climate the media creates? In alot of ways the media makes it a game, accepting nothing on face value, so the parties react within this climate and become more crass in their motivations.

Anonymous said...

If he's scoring points, I think that Harpor and Day and their ilk wouldn't want us to track back in hansard and other sources in what they said in that time -- they essentially accused the gov't of trying to help a terrorist. The Cons-Rephorm-Alliantz party has nothing to be proud of. In fact, I hope members of the Muslim community remember that no party stood firmly against the US demands of patriotic unity. It was an embarrassing moment for our gov't, the opposition and the police.
I think we should dig up those quotes, cross into the dark territory known as Tory-zone and remind them of their complicity.

Karen said...

burlivespipe...check out liberalcatnip and a BCerinToronto, Maxwell too maybe and Ottlib.

Sorry I can't link them, in a rush. They are all on Liblogs aggregator.

K-Dough said...

STeve- Dude- you remember Saxon? Why haven't we crossed paths before now?