Monday, February 26, 2007

"New Government" Dead?

I think these are the end times for the Tories annoying "New Government" tag. Canwest just did a story mocking the use of the phrase, going so far as to query John Baird on how long it will be used. Canwest even consulted with a marketing expert, and no it wasn't Jason Kenney. Maclean's has a story today, with the following:
The Conservatives, who continue to call themselves "Canada's New Government" in all news releases and correspondence 13 months after they were elected

It would appear the media is finally turning on the ridiculous characterization, so I predict it disappears in short order. That means we need another term for the Conservative government. I was thinking maybe:
- Canada's Still Under Warranty Government
- Canada's 12 Years Shorter Than The Liberal Government
- Canada's Toddler Government
- Canada's Worked In Government
- America's Other Government

Any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

Canada's New Republican Government.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Canada's first Right wing government. Canada's only ideological government. Stephen Harper's one man government. Canada's government representing the 36% who voted Conservative and not the other 64%.

Anonymous said...

If they win a majority I would choose Canada's Last Government.

Drew Adamick said...

Canada's New Dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Canada's defunct government

Olaf said...


I know it seems strange, but it's posts like this (and more particularly the comments) that make me want to give up any objectivity, independence or distance I keep from the CPC and join up lock stock and barrel. I'm not sure why I have the urge, but it's palpable.

Olaf said...


To clarify, I too tire of the "new" label, and don't at all mind you mocking it. It's basically just the comments that drive me nuts, for which you can't be held accountable.

Steve V said...


Canada's Case Study In Propaganda Government needs you :)

Olaf said...


Jackass eh? And the CPC would only be so lucky, I have my thumb on the pulse of the nation like no other.

Anonymous said...

K, here goes: I bet one wingnut post decrying Harper's loss in the next election to three ndp i'tol'dyaso's

Anonymous said...

Ennui: when the new rubs off, like Harper rubbed the true off accountability.

candu said...

The cons use the new term because they are truly neo-cons and Harpers wants to keep the neo moniker which means new in Latin. Also he follows the American neo-con agenda and he is proud of it.

Anonymous said...

I heard this one on CBC:

"Canada's Interim Government"

rockfish said...

Canada's Focus on Government
Canada's Terrible Twos Government
Canada's Grumpy White Men Government
Canada's Banana Republic
Canada's Spincyclists on Focus Group