Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gerard Kennedy

The rumors are true, Gerard Kennedy is taking a pass on the Liberal leadership. I joined this party because of Mr. Kennedy, quite simply he articulated a dynamic vision of new liberalism that was both innovative and authentic. And, that's the word "authentic", a humble sense of purpose, the more you heard, the more you realized it wasn't politico speak, but a coherent belief system that wove itself into every discussion. The kind of leader that broached your latent cynicism, he was someone you could believe in, without the idealistic cheese that denotes naivety about process, that doesn't elevate someone as savior, just a decent man with decent ideas.

In the coming months, we will be bombarded with the terms "renewal" and "reform". I must admit, it is a shame that Kennedy's voice won't be part of the leadership discussion, because the topic isn't one of convenience, it's a matter of conviction. That said, we can all agree, the leadership race is mostly a side issue, relative to the real challenges the Liberal Party faces, in wanting to re-connect with average Canadians, in a way that pierces the aloof relationship between modern political discourse and the people it claims to represent. Kennedy understands there are no quick fixes, a fool's game to assume a new captain will cure the ills, it must be accompanied by something else.

Kennedy may be taking a pass on the leadership, but that doesn't mean he won't be a forceful voice for institutional change, that pushes the Liberal Party back on the street. In a sense, it's almost fitting, Kennedy argues that the leader is really a bandaid distraction, so it may be completely natural for him to LEAD from the trenches, working with other like-minded Liberals to embrace certain fundamentals, a practical way forward.

Whatever Mr. Kennedy decides his role should be with the Liberal Party, I will back him 100%, because you have knowledge that it starts with correct acknowledgement, understands some hard truths and it works with purpose to find solutions, lofty but attainable, so long as the pre-requisite of genuine conviction is incorporated.

Interesting days ahead for the Liberal Party.


Sharkey Goes West said...

Well said.

WesternGrit said...

I think Gerard's community organizing skills seriously need to be tapped into by the party. If this is what he is thinking, I think he is very right. He can affect more change from the organizational point of view. I'm sure the cost (both personal, and $s) of another campaign are also immense.

calgarygrit said...

Well put.

I look forward to seeing how Gerard can contribute to Liberal Party in the House and, more importantly, at the grassroots level.

Anonymous said...

Come on this sounds like an obit the man ain't dead!
GK needs to clean up the debt from the last race and learn how to speak FLUENT French if he ever wants to be leader of the LPC.
In the meantime long live Iggymania!!!!!!

Gayle said...

Steve - I am sorry because I agree he would have been a good leader.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy will lead the liberals one day,not because his ego needs to be stroked but because he cares.He is highly intelligent but is also the guy who will role up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done.Kennedy has been hugely sucessfull in all his prior appointments,i have no douts that in the future we will see great things from him.For those of you who were in Montreal in 2006 and heard the chants KENNEDY CANADA you will again one day hear them will we the grass root carry him to victory.

JimmE said...

Pity. I felt a lump in my gut when I read his EMail today. Now the hard part; Iggy or Rae
It'll be interesting to see who, if anyone, he supports.

cabal laurier said...

Kennedy's time will come. As will all the other young bloods. For now we have two accomplished gentlemen who are more than capable of navigating over this Harper bump in the road. Is success guaranteed under Iggy or Rae? Hardly, but I think the odds are better than good either could win government and begin to set the table for years to come.

Patience, Grasshoppers..

Anonymous said...

Cabal Laurier: I'm tired of people saying, "Gerard's time will come" or "Next time..." In 2006 practically every delegate I talked to at the Convention, even before the votes told me Kennedy would be next. Ignatieff supporters, Rae supporters you name it all told me Gerard would be next. Then after the vote every Dion supporter said Kennedy would be next.

I'm tired of the opportunism you exhibit, that Kennedy will only be next if you get your guy right now. Here's a promise I make Cabal Laurier, Gerard will be leader someday, not because you say his time will come, but because Liberals across Canada will tire of the opportunistic attitude you and others convey.


JimmE said...

To quote the Robot from LOST IN SPACE:
I too wanted GK to be the next leader. But that's not to be, so focus on the task at hand. The kind of sentiment you're voicing is understandable, but not helpful. Hard feelings is how the Turner-Chretien-Martin wars got started.
Let's all suck-it-up, pick-one, then lets get to work, otherwise the Liberal Spacecraft will be LOST IN SPACE for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Jimmie: I understand the sentiment but please I was not anyway suggesting I would plot in the back rooms for Kennedy's eventual victory.

I understand you were attempting to unify the party but I was in no way trying to divide it. Unless you suggest getting rid of opportunistic attitudes that prevail among some liberals is divisive, then colour me a separatist.