Sunday, November 09, 2008

Kennedy's Debt

I don't want to sound too preachy here, but now would be a very good time to make a donation to help retire Kennedy's past debt. I did exactly that this morning.

Go here, if you're so inclined, with the full knowledge that 3/4 of any donation is a tax credit.


tedhsu said...

Careful, that's 3/4 of a donation as a tax credit up to $400 per year in total donations to the party. If you donate over $400 (and please do if you can afford it!) to leadership candidates, the party, or local riding associations, the tax credit is a smaller fraction. See for full details.

Steve V said...

You can do the math on the calculator for the link, but yes you're right ted.

Jerry Prager said...

If I had any money I might do that.
It's funny though, after Kennedy's call for people to contact him, (and I did, twice) I still haven't even received an electronic thanks for responding to his request.
The local Libs had the same problem when I contacted them during the election, they took so long to get back to me that I found it disconcerting. (That may be because I was trying to reach Frank V directly, and not just the campaign.) One of the things I was amazed about in dealing with the local Greens was how quickly they got back to me about my emails: they wanted my vote. Obviously Obama's win was built using an extremely astute online communications strategy. The Libs would do well to emulate it, and if Kennedy wants our support, then someone in his camp should be saying thanks when anyone contacts them.

liberazzi said...

I am still undecided, but I might donate regardless, because we need GK's voice in this race.

Steve V said...


That's the thing, supporter or not, his presence is the race will be a positive. I hope you do :)

Antonio said...

I'm just happy some people see that paying down debt is important if you want to have a new competitive race.

Anonymous said...

We maxed out on campaign donations but will offer to volunteer and help that email backlog. Volunteering is hugely helpful so anyone that doesn't have money can offer time, skills, resources, expertise, whatever you've got!

burlivespipe said...

Done and done; the donation, i meant.

Anonymous said...

Strange thing about Kinsella. He keeps saying that the candidate he's going to support "knows how to balance the books".

If BCL is correct in his Iggy-speculation, when exactly did Iggy learn how to balance the books?

No, I think Kinsella is going with somebody else. Cauchon, would be my guess.

Steve V said...

""knows how to balance the books"."

Maybe Iggy can walk around a room, with all his novels on his head?

knb said...

Anon, Cauchon is a pretty good guess based on Kinsella's criteria, except for the 'bringing people together' requirement.

He was a fierce Chretien loyalist and made no bones about his position on Martin.

Heck, Gerard would fit his criteria except I wouldn't see Kinsella believing that he'd bring the party to the centre.

I think he'd be wrong in that assumption because Kennedy doesn't tend to fall for the old 'right vs left' argument.

To be honest, I don't care who WK supports, at this point I think Steve has the right idea and that is to retire Gerard's debt.

900 ft Jesus said...

Kennedy looks best, someone I can actually gets excited about and want to support. Thanks for all the info steve v.

I like the way he stood with his party and leader while others were already making moves. Integrity matters. You've helped convince me.

liberazzi said...

Ok, I made a donation. I am leaning GK, but I think I will reserve judgement for awhile.

liberazzi said...

WK is an interesting character/read, but I do not think we should be ga ga over who he is picking.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe Iggy can walk around a room, with all his novels on his head?"


"WK is an interesting character/read, but I do not think we should be ga ga over who he is picking."

Correct. He is a legend, mostly in his own mind.

MississaugaPeter said...

jerry prager,

I will in advance apologize for Gerard for the failure of a response to your emails. I have been waiting for a response to one of my emails for over a week. THE TRUTH IS, GERARD RESPONDS TO HIS OWN EMAILS. Also, he is getting bombarded with phone calls while assessing his ability to mount a successful, grassroots campaign. Please be patient.

Re: 2006 leadership campaign response failures - there were some problems. If Gerard decides to run in the next 10 days, there will not be the same problems this time. I have been informed of some of the great, people-orientated, volunteers that have offered to work on Gerard's campaign. They are not slouches to listening and responding to every concern or question by any Liberal or potential Liberal in Canada. Others will have more money, and spend more money, but Gerard will have the best volunteer base of all the candidates.

And those donating, I am sure that you will be personally thanked for your generosity. But, please be patient.

Jerry Prager said...

For me Kennedy appears to be at the core of that part of me that I regard as the liberal solution to the three hundred and sixty year old problem of how to include the underclasses - the Diggers of Cromwell's day - in the Commonwealth.
The social gospel liberal theo-politicians of the old CCF almost got there first, but Mackenzie King through his grandfather Lyon Mackenzie channeled Scots common sense liberalism into Labour progressivism, and then Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth revolutionized the Dominion with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Kennedy knows how to include the underclasses: cooperative commonwealth is the third way between state socialism and corporate socialism.
One thing Kinsella said is that he believes the election will be won because Libs will convince Canadians that Liberals will defend individual rights and conservatives will not.
My hope is that the Libs will make access to water a charter right here and around the world, my hope is that that issue will be used to distinguish Libs from Cons because the cons will side with corporate commodification a la Tom d'Aquino.
Kennedy has the character to win that battle.

Jerry Prager said...


It dawned on me that he must be answering them himself, which is when it also dawned on me that he really did dismantle his leadership team, to the point that he didn't even get a computer savvy friend/volunteer involved before he sent out his invitation.
He appears to speak truth as a first language.

Steve V said...


Good stuff :)