Thursday, April 30, 2009

At The Convention

People are trickling into this beautiful facility in Vancouver. The party has set up a nice area for the bloggers, as well as giving us access to all media events. I spotted Jane Taber walking the halls, apparently reporting on "nothing" is actually noteworthy, but then that's her niche anyways, so it's a good fit. Meow.

Just a few thoughts on the vibe I'm sensing so far, in speaking with a few notables within the party. Obviously, the word upbeat comes to mind, a very positive attitude is clearly on display.

I did speak with Rocco Rossi for a few minutes and I won't rehash what Jeff has said, but I'll add one observation that was interesting. With the way the party financing rules work, Rocco made the point that every new vote in the Liberal column has a doubling potential. Apart from new voters- people who didn't vote in the last election- every time we are able to move a vote from another party, not only do we benefit but the other parties suffer. I thought this a clever understanding of what is at stake, how every voter is important within this system. This view also speaks to the merits of the 308 strategy, because "winning" a riding isn't the only consideration, bleeding support from traditional sources can undermine our opposition, while improving our bottomline. Anyways, I saw that comment as further proof that Rocco is a smart cat. Tall too :)

Ignatieff is scheduled to speak with the media shortly, then with the Council of Presidents. I'll try to attend both and will post any observations.


Ted said...

I like his focus on every vote being important and worth fighting for.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve!

Maybe Jane Taber is looking for her imaginary (I mean, secret insider) sources? ;).

RuralSandi said...

Hot: the convention
Not: Taber being there to report and snoop.