Friday, April 17, 2009

MacKay In The Dog House?

Defying a direct order from Stevie Stalin? Can MacKay escape Harper's wrath, arguing it was just a chance encounter? Beg for forgiveness and hope it blows over? Peter MacKay spoke to a former Prime Minister, at a hockey game. This doesn't look good:
HALIFAX — Defence Minister Peter MacKay says he has spoken with Brian Mulroney recently, despite a directive from Stephen Harper not to have any contact with the former prime minister.

Mr. MacKay says he saw Mulroney at an all-star hockey game in Montreal in February and chatted with him for a couple of minutes.

He didn't reveal what the two longtime friends discussed, but said that was the last time they communicated.

It's not clear whether such an encounter would violate an edict from the Prime Minister that directed government members not to have any contact with Mr. Mulroney.


Kris said...

Unless Harper WANTS to make the situation worse for himself, I say he'll do nothing. Let the "chance encounter" label take the heat.

Steve V said...

I'm sure he'll ignore, I just find it comical that this is even an issue.

RuralSandi said...

A little awkward for MacKay considering his father Elmer and Mulroney are very close friends.

Ah, doesn't it make MacKay look more independant than the other bobbleheads (as in future prospect for leader).

Besides, Harper owes Mackay big time with respect to the Alliance/Con merger.

Anonymous said...

Peter MacKay is welcome to cross the floor and join Iggy's Grits. He can bring along certain Blue Tories.

Makes a coalition government led by Iggy much more prevalent.

Jerry Prager said...

What would Iggy want with MacKay, a chance to associate himself with a man whose word is worthless ?