Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Free Votes?

A possible off shoot, with the new database that details individual MP's voting records, is that it could provide impetus for more free votes in Parliament. While the database will largely be the domain of politicos- one can hardly imagine constituents flocking in great numbers to review- it will be used in debates at the riding level. I can already see a political flyer at the doorstep, detailing a sitting MP's voting record, using the bills, and in so doing adding another layer of accountability, not so easily fluffed off as a party decision. This database is essentially a tool an easy tool for opponents.

If a sense develops that MP's are more accountability for their individual voting record, one has to wonder if they will start to bolt more regularly, when forced to tow the party line, despite sentiment in their riding. Is this database a small step towards better, independently minded representation in Parliament?


RuralSandi said...

When did it stop? The voting records used to be online (I used to read them). Did Harper stop them?

Martin said...

hadn't seen this vid before, too funny!

Conservative youth faints during Harper speech. Harper sips water.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that having their voting records online will have any real impact on MPs getting re-elected. They all follow the "party line" and free votes rarely happen.

Add to that the facts that over 200 ridings have their MP determined on the first day of the election and the party brass protects the incumbents, the individual voting record is irrelevant.

Now, if we had more free votes or MPs defying their Party Whips, then this might more useful.