Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hanging With The Cool Kid

There he was, Stephen Harper in front of the cameras, taking questions at the Summit of the Americas. One question from Canadian reporters, then a second, followed by a third. In a terrific example of just how DESPERATE Harper is to link his fortunes to the American President, Harper then asks the assembled Canadian media a question- don't they want to ask about his "meeting" in a hotel corridor with Obama? That's right, Harper volunteers the question, so he can then brag about what a terrific and intense relationship the two leader enjoy. Apparently, the presser wasn't going according to script, reporters concerned about other global matters and what not, Harper saw an opportunity lost, so he intervened. What a transparent HOOT.

Apart from the Harper government's overt attempts to continually try and suckle from the Obama teat, this episode highlights something very important about the Prime Minister. The wheels are always turning, everything is strategic and calculating, it's all about HIM being placed in the best possible light. In a ironic twist, what Harper has never grasped, the more he tries to ride the Obama coat tails for domestic advantage, the more Canadians are reminded of just what a cad we have for a leader, relatively speaking.


Anonymous said...

Kate McMillan and Kathy Shaidle must be spitting blood right now.

Calling Jason Kenney fast so the so-cons can mount a coup.

sassy said...

The New York Times notes this as well

"Canadian’s PerspectiveIt’s tough to be from Canada at the Summit of the Americas. With fiery Latin American leftists like Presidents Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and Hugo Ch├ívez of Venezuela dominating the stage, nobody here is paying much attention to the buttoned-down folks from the land up north.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper tried to correct that on Saturday.
There is more, check the link above.

Anonymous said...

Watch for Stephen Harper to appear on the 700 Club in the next month.

Also Jack Layton may need to visit Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba over the summer. He needs to regain the leftist charm that Chavez and Morales have. Or he can appear on Lou Dobbs' show again.

RuralSandi said...

Goof grief - how much conversation can there be in a few seconds in a hotel corridor? Hardly earth shattering stuff.