Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ignatieff With Positive Momentum

More information from the Angus Reid poll, which shows that Ignatieff is the only federal leader currently improving his standing with the electorate:
Preferred Prime Minister and Momentum Score

Conservative leader and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper experienced a drop in support when respondents were asked which of the five federal party leaders would make the best head of government. Harper (24%) is now tied with Ignatieff (24%), with the remaining leaders in single digits. When paired against Stéphane Dion in 2008, Harper always surpassed the 30 per cent mark in this particular question.

For the third time this year, Ignatieff is the only one of the five federal leaders to post a positive momentum score (+11). One-in-four respondents (27%) say their opinion of Ignatieff improved over the course of the past month, while 16 per cent report a decline.

Harper had the worst momentum score of all leaders (-20), with a third of Canadians (33%) saying their opinion of the Prime Minister has worsened.

NDP leader Jack Layton (-18), Green leader Elizabeth May (-11), and Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe (-7 in Quebec) also failed to gain ground in April.

Interesting that Canadians look upon all leaders negatively, with Ignatieff being the only exception. As the pollster points out, Ignatieff has maintained a positive momentum score for the last three polls, which shows that he is wearing well as Canadians get to know him. Harper, losing credibility with each successive finding.


Tomm said...


Nice spin. It's 33-33 with the CPC on top in every place west of Quebec.

Ignatieff's gaff quotient is rising by the day, and Harper may have stemmed the bleeding.

But, nice spin anyway. Perhaps Ignatieff's inner circle should tell him to cut back on the speculation and musing in front of camera's and tape recorders.

Iggy looks like he will be well positioned to pull the rug out from under Harper, but only if he can keep his ego from getting in the way.

I also think Canadian's would like to know the kind of car that McCallum has in his garage.

Tomm said...


My apologies on the sarcasm, I hadn't looked at past posts. You had already discussed the generalities of the poll.

Suffice it to say that Ignatieff is in good shape if he can maintain momentum.

Canadian's still want to know what kind of car McCallum drives.

Steve V said...

Don't you feel silly ;)

RuralSandi said...

Hmmm....Canadians still want to know what kind of car McCallum drives - ah, what Canadians? I don't give a darn and most don't - perhaps the CAW cares.

CPC going to use that lame attack? Good grief.

Gaffes - all parties have had them and it wouldn't be hard to bring them up.

I think Canadians are sick of gotcha politics - they're worried about other things. That day may have passed.

Anonymous said...


Canadians will want to know if Stephen Harper has hired an illegal housekeeper for 24 Sussex Drive or to clean the Prime Minister's Office.

Remember, the Grits will make border security the key issue in the next election.