Wednesday, April 29, 2009


More good news to kick off the convention:

Q1 2009 - $1,831,843

Q1 2008 - $846,000

The "more than doubled" fundraising number is true. Not sure what the other party numbers are, as of yet, but a relatively great number for the Liberals. As an aside, the NDP have now lost one of their continual talking points, that being the Liberals get a higher percentage of total monetary supply from public financing. The math has changed my friends :)

Liblogs are holding a meet and greet suite tonight, which apparently will be well attended (Rossi is supposed to be there). Should be a fun night...


Gayle said...

It's great they are doing better with fundraising, but I still wonder why they stopped sending emails to me when I donated to the max last year. Sure, I sent an email complaining about their public displays of dissent, but is that really enough to write me off? Shouldn't they just acknowledge that behaviour like that can turn off loyal donors?

Make sure you ask Rossi about failing to connect with past donors - OK? ;)

Steve V said...


I doubt it's that, seems like an oversight or something. IF they miss you with this new database, then I'd be puzzled.

I will ask :)

Shoot me an email.