Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ignatieff Criticizes Napolitano

With calls for her resignation circulating, Ignatieff has "raised concerns" about Napolitano to a senior Obama advisor:
WASHINGTON — Michael Ignatieff is raising concerns about the U.S. homeland security secretary with a top Obama administration official.

Ignatieff says he's told Larry Summers, President Barack Obama's top economic adviser, that Janet Napolitano is misinformed when she suggests Canada's border poses a security risk to the United States.

But Ignatieff says her remarks raised "strong concern" in Canada, and told Summers in a 45-minute conversation today that it seems she harbours "ill-founded" suspicions about Canada.

In fact, Ignatieff says, Canada has an excellent record of security in co-operation with the United States.

Ignatieff says he told Summers that Canada treats American concerns about security with the utmost seriousness, and that Canadian security and immigration systems are top-notch.

Napolitano's recent comments, he says, are "not constructive, not helpful and they're factually untrue."

It's nice to see that Ignatieff doesn't view his Washington trip as a entirely huggy affair, wherein he merely uses the visit to receive flecks of magic Obama dust. Fairly strong language, and rather than being educated during his visit, it would appear Ignatieff is doing the teaching.


Mark Dowling said...

"Canadian security and immigration systems are top-notch."

Ahem... not sure I'd go that far. What standard are we using there - Montego Bay Airport? Or are we appealing to the neocons by showing them tape of the RCMP tasering that poor sod at YVR?

Steve V said...


I guess he should have said "our border is porous and we only have low rent technology, monitored by medicore enforcement personnel" ;)

Dame said...

How could this Ignorant Dumb person became National Security bigwig at the first place ??? It is Mindboggling. A Big Hole in the administration..

Steve V said...

"Ignatieff's tough talk is in stark contrast to the response from the Conservative government this week about Napolitano's remarks. For the second time in the aftermath of controversial comments by the homeland security secretary, Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan suggested she was taken out of context by the media.

He also backed up Napolitano, saying she knew full well the 9-11 terrorists didn't come from Canada and that they'd "shared a laugh" about the myth when he visited Washington last month."

burlivespipe said...

With the US's own problems southside - where a new kind of mobster is utilizing the illegal immigration trade for incredible economic and human warfare currently just in the drug field -- I'm astonished they'd be willing to throw stones at their best neighbour. But funny how if you look at it, she's just talking up what Harper and his ilk were spieling as gospel just seven years ago. I guess, if any reporter would bother to look beyond that glass wall of CON time line, the CON line would be that they were misquoted (in hansard, even!) too.