Monday, April 13, 2009

Doing The Heavy Lifting

I sure hope that Canwest doesn't go belly up, because the nation suffers if Janke doesn't have a forum to delve into the BIG questions that matter. The latest contribution tackles the most obscure and irrelevant subject matter one can fathom, but provides such manufactured elevation, it leaves the reader with BURNING questions. I don't have the answers, but let's hope somebody in the media is brave enough to address the elephant in the room:
Is Ignatieff going to have something to say about Turner's recent and upcoming appearances with the Halton Liberals? Is someone going to ask Ignatieff to comment on Turner's book, given that some federal Liberals are using the book as a fundraising tool? Has anyone in the Liberal Party read an advance copy? Is Ignatieff comfortable with the Halton Liberals leaning so heavily on Turner, instead of promoting a new candidate, especially given Turner's well-documented infatuation with former Liberal leader Stephane Dion and the ill-fated Green Shift carbon tax? Is Michael Ignatieff going to say anything to signal that he wants the Halton Liberals to move past Garth Turner?

Or am I going in the wrong direction here?

But it gets better. By way of rumour, I hear that Turner will be emerging from his survivalist bunker to make a return visit to the Ivy Arms in Milton this Wednesday night. That's right. The same day Ignatieff is addressing the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, assuming this rumour is accurate.

Are the Liberals coordinating these appearances in order to launch more than Garth Turner's book? A return of the Garth himself?

Or is this shaping up to be a clash?

This could be a very interesting Wednesday.

Interesting indeed Steve, interesting indeed. Man, that's compelling.

On the job, so the rest of us can sleep easy.


Mark Dowling said...

I don't have anything to say about this, but I wonder why PMO was so anxious to delay the TSB's report on the loss of Laura Gainey at sea...

If TSB is arms-length, why were they asking PMO about its release anyway?

burlivespipe said...

Ohhhh, not Garth! That scary Garth, who doesn't want to party-on, but instead a party-pooper on top of the world after seeing some of his prognostications turn out right! Why no wonder Harper would have nothing to do with him... Why should he be forced to have someone on his team that can call it like it is, and see that the call was correct! Sounds like a good buying opportunity, right Janke?

Steve V said...

Let's just hope somebody can answer all these probing questions. Have you noticed, all the Cons seem to focus on is the past, when attacking? Three year old quotes, what Iggy did in the 80's, policies that don't exist anymore, re-inventing old wedge issues. I see as a sign of weakness, because that stuff doesn't resonate to well.

Mike said...

I suspect this is one of the reasons WHY CanWest will go belly up.

Thank goodness.

Steve V said...


The other blogging contributor has a great piece today, detailing why those brown people should get off the streets of Ottawa:

Amazing that this paper never gets nominated for any awards, the content is so high end ;)

Mark Dowling said...

In fairness, Posted Toronto is quite good most of the time. Shame about the "national" bit.