Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Canadian Media's "Agenda" to Divide Christians

It's always been a nothing story, made noteworthy because Harper has never actually said what he did with the wafer (example- I returned to my seat and consumed the host, simple, concise, nothing to see here). I find the glaring omission of the obvious telling, but that's just me I suppose. Instead of just clarifying any confusion from the tape, Harper decided to rail on the media, "a low moment in journalism" he argued.

Today we hear more from Harper, now it's part of an "agenda" from people that want to "drive a wedge between Protestants and Catholics". Leave it to low road Harper to turn this all into a conspiracy by certain people to cause religious discord. It's frankly amazing, the nonsense this guy can utter. If you follow Harper logically, he's basically saying the media are actively trying to sow division.

The real story here, AGAIN Stephen Harper uses any issue at his disposal to try and bolster his political standing. Turning it all on it's head, Harper positions himself as the champion of christian unity, fighting against the forces that wish to do them harm. This crap germinates in the same vein as his Ignatieff broadside at the G8 presser, never one to let a partisan chance pass without getting in his licks.

It was unfortunate, it was unfounded, it's laughable, I would never show a lack of respect for religious protocols, yada, yada, that's the simple proclamation. But no, this is about division in the land, shadowy attempts by the liberal media to "drive a wedge" amongst god fearing folk. It's all so crass and typical. If there are two things Stephen Harper knows well it's the "low" road and use "driving wedges", it's his forte.


ottlib said...

The other thing he knows very well is the media in this country will not call him on it.

He has been repeatedly kicking our MSM in the gnads since he won the government and they keep coming back and saying "Thank you sir, can I have another."

It's pathological.

Steve V said...

That is quite true.

red and proud said...

Your link didn't work for me but I think you're referring to the Canwest story. If anyone is driving a wedge here it is the Conservatives. And they still haven't the slightest clue about Catholicism. For instance, Dimitri Soudas stated in that Canwest story that there was no controversy because "the Prime Minister consumed the communion that was offered to him." He doesn't seem to realize that even if Harper had consumed the wafer there is controversy. Yes, it is sacrilegious to walk around with the host in one's pocket but it is also sacrilegious to consume the host when one is not entitled to do so. Only Catholics in a state of grace (i.e. if aware of sin, having confessed and been absolved of them) may receive communion at a Catholic Mass.

As a Protestant, Harper should not have consumed the host. And he and his aides should be more aware of Catholic ritual. It's not as if Catholicism is some obscure sect; it is the largest religious denomination in the land.

red and proud (and Catholic)

sjw said...

You sure about Catholicism being the dominant religion of the land? I always thought it was about 50/50 with a slight nod given to the Protestant denominations.

A BCer in Toronto said...


2001 census, compared to 91:

Roman Catholic: 43.6% (+4.2)
All Protestant denominations: 29.2% (-8.1)
None: 16.2% (+43.9)
Muslim: 2.0 (+128.9)
Christian Orthodox: 1.6% (+23.8)

RuralSandi said...

You know, Harper is one mean-spritited, divisive son of a B. To all my friends and relatives who are in mixed Protestant-Catholic marriages - Harper thinks the MSM are causing a conflict for you. Better get marriage counselling fast.

What an absolute idiot Harper is.

sjw said...

Boy was I off. Some good Catholic I am.

RuralSandi said...

Ottlib - so far you are right. I took a general media boo.....the silence is deafening.

Perhaps later? It's early yet. I won't hold my breath.