Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is a classic example of how the Conservatives are lowering the bar on political discourse. For months and months, the opposition has complained about these obnoxious partisan flyers, that use taxpayer money to slander. These complaints have gone nowhere, if anything the Conservatives are now even more brazen, comforted in the knowledge that nobody seems to care, they suffer little politically, while simultaneously spreading propaganda. Only a fool sits there for eternity, watching an opponent land body blows with impunity. It's for this reason- even though I'm sad to say- that the Liberals are right to enter the fray:
They couldn't beat them, so now they're joining them.

In a report out of Ottawa, the Winnipeg Free Press says the federal Liberals have started sending out highly partisan, taxpayer-funded flyers to constituents in Conservative-held ridings.

The move comes after the Liberals didn't get anywhere with complaints about the Tories doing the same thing in Liberal ridings.

"We've started doing them," said Winnipeg South Centre Liberal MP Anita Neville. "We couldn't let them continue to do it without a response."

Ms. Neville has been complaining bitterly for years that constituents in her riding are regularly bombarded with mailings from Conservative MPs attacking her party leader and Ms. Neville herself.

Ms. Neville and other Liberals have complained repeatedly to the House of Commons about the mailings, but when those complaints didn't result in any action, the Liberals decided to join in.

You have two choices it would seem. Claim the moral high ground, while you get taken out at the knees, dignified but down. Or, you realize that you can't let these bottomfeeders get away with their relentless partisanship, so you respond in kind. It ain't pretty, but given the lack of accountability, the fact that all the complaints apparently go nowhere, you fight fire with fire. I say GOOD, even though it's objectively a BAD development. About all I would ask at this point, the Liberal platform offers to ban these type of flyers when they take office. Until then, when in Rome...


foottothefire said...

Thanks for this post.
And, it's about damned time! Make noise, bang the drum, drop the pants and moon if they have to, getting media attention is what it's all about. Media need stories and if all they've got to fly with is flea-brained Harperite drivel, the media will go with it.
I've every confidence liberals, to a woman and man, are capable of higher discourse in any venue. They now just need to learn to do this every day; steal the daily thunder, as it were.

bogged down said...

Politics are going to become more partisan as issues become more divisive. Its about time the libs grew a pair and fired back!! Especially considering the liberal coffers are pretty empty. why not use tax-payer money!!!

ottlib said...

Mark my words.

We will see Conservative Members and Cabinet Ministers taking these 10 percenters, showing them to the media and claiming the Liberals are going negative. And our MSM will eat it up.

Dame said...

Good good good . !!! I agree .We Got so much ammunition don't hold it back It is not dignified any more holding it back.. tell the Truth .

North of 49 said...

I say "Good" as well. Our local CPoC rookie tried to gin up the jingoism by urging his constituents, on Canada Day, to make our riding the Most Patriotic Riding in All of Canada -- by putting little paper flags in our windows.

I guess he thought that was more important than, well, name an issue. There's plenty.

So yeah, bring it on, as the kids say.

Anonymous said...

Bogged down, I think the liberals are doing very well with their monies and I am happy to see them fight back. I don't think their coffers are as bad as you think. You have to fight fire with fire and I say, its about time. Harpers 10% ers are nothing but lies and I think the libs have a lot of facts that they can fire back with. Harper didn't exactly keep his mouth shut while trying to spread his propaganda and Canadians aren't that stupid and they don't forget as much as he'd like them to. Lots of hungry people out there that are not getting any help from this Reform government. You can fool us some of the time but not all the time. Get ready for a fight Harper. Yes!. Its about time they fight back.


The Rational Number said...

I think information is where the real battleground is today. Look at the U.S. health care reform propaganda war... and ask yourself who is paying for it, who expects to be rewarded, and who will bear the cost.

Liberals (and others) need to question the status quo, and get as many others as possible to do the same.

Looking back at some recent elections, it seems that the public perception of the party leader is a very dominant factor. Ask what else Harper has hidden under that sweater.

Jerry Prager said...

"Stephen Harper is too small for Canada" that would be my ad campaign, list every small, mean-spirited, malicious thing the guy has done. Too small by far

Anonymous said...

Bogged down, time to dig yourself out and face reality. You are dead wrong again.I want to see the Liberals handing out their own 10% ers and with the past few years of Harper style, they do have a lot of documented material to throw at them. Better start ducking Harper and his jokers. The sh#t will soon hit the fan. I can't wait. it won't be soon enough for me. Fight fire with fire.

Concerned Canadian