Saturday, July 25, 2009


Back in a few :)


sjw said...

Enjoy, but don't make it too long though. We don't want fervent speculation on your whereabouts crowding the blogosphere headlines ;-)

Drake said...

Jim Travers writes in Saturday’s Star that the Liberals blew their best chance by not forcing a summer election:

“In hindsight, that Liberal moment came and went in late June. With key advisers urging their new main man to seize the twin advantages of rising popularity and a sagging economy, Michael Ignatieff looked in the mirror and blinked.”

He's got a point with the economy apparently starting to turn around.

Drake said...

You know what' chilling:

In the 2000 election the Libs got 41%

In 2004 they got 37% to the Cons 30%

In 2006 they got 30% to the Cons 36%

In 2008 they got 26% to the Cons 38%

The Cons are consolidating their vote on the right. Meanwhile the combined NDP/Green vote on the left during that same period has gone up 10, 20, 21 and 25% in ‘00, 04, 06 and 08 respectively.

Meanwhile the Liberal party braintrust and most Libloggers are just passively hoping things will get better. Truly, truly numbing.

Gene Rayburn said...

You know what Drake? You've cut and pasted that on a few blogs. Did you learn cut and pasting from RayK? Why dont you try putting up an original argument for a change.

Using an identical comment on multiple blogs makes you look stupid and is convincing enough to call you spammer.

Gene Rayburn said...

BTW When did Jim Travers decide the future of the country?