Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And What Of This Poor Bastard Mr. Hawn?

"The Christmas and Holiday Season is a time to spend with family, friends and loved ones". The words of a wise man, Conservative MP Laurie Hawn, explaining why the government members of the Afghan Committee wouldn't be attending today's meetings. I concur, a special time, nobody should be holed up in Ottawa (even the ever perky and delightful Rosie Barton was downright whiny today about her assignment) conducting meetings. Go home, be with your family, celebrate the blessed time, yes, yes Mr. Hawn, torture issues can wait.

With the festive spirit in mind, I expect a scathing letter from Mr. Hawn in the coming hours. Word of a poor Conservative staffer, forced to stay away from "family, friends and loved ones", so he can tape an event with a room full of lefties. Here is the young staffer, exiting the den of taliban sympathizers(imagine), missing cider, hugs from mom, his three legged dog Pierre:

Just remember Mr. Hawn, when you return to Ottawa next summer, that tape you are watching was the by-product of a Christmas gone wrong for one young man. Get home, little poor PMO staffer, get home.


Marx-A-Million said...

I thank Darwin for Ignatieff every day of my life!

RuralSandi said...

I like what Paul Dewar said in an interview last night - Hawn gets to be home with his friends and family while the soldiers he's supposedly supporting don't. Not exactly what he said, but close.

I agree.