Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Canadians React To "Climate Gate" With Collective Yawn

The latest Angus Reid poll, shows that the so called "climate gate" issue is having no impact, apart from the pre-disposed, ejaculating knuckle dragger crowd:
A majority of Canadians (56%) believe global warming is a fact and is mostly caused by emissions from vehicles and industrial facilities. One-in-five (21%) think global warming is a fact and is mostly caused by natural changes, while 17 per cent state that global warming is a theory that has not yet been proven.

For contrast, an identical poll in July found the exact same results.

Further proof that conservatives are GENERALLY uniquely small minded and ignorant, and I mean that with the sincerest conviction, based on years of careful observation:
While more than 60 per cent of respondents who support the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party (NDP), the Bloc Québécois or the Green Party believe global warming is a fact and is caused by man made emissions, only 39 per cent of Conservative Party voters agree.

An embarrassing testament to the mentality of the Conservative base.

On this massive scandal that is rocking the entire climate world, nobody cares. A full 57% of voters aren't even following the story, those that are aren't altering their views.

Canadians put their faith in scientists, a full 73% believe what they say. By comparison, 16% believe what the federal government thinks.

Climate gate, fodder for the denier crowd, but not resonating in the least with mainstream society.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Yet sadly when you create an audience of believers of an alternate universe, you can keep them on the hook nearly forever. In fact, the deeper you go, the more self-fulfilling it becomes.

Everyone's out to get them, you know, and they're not budging, damn it!

As you probably suspect, I'm not just talking about this issue.

So there's 30% of the vote locked up right there. In the US, it's probably more like 42% and creeping higher.

My observation is that is the basic way the world works politically. What nations do that move forward is respect basic tenants of decency and honesty, with a healthy faith and support of a system of checks and balances to reign in the instinct to pervert truth to gain power.

What I fear we're experiencing now is a willful attack on the mechanisms that hold those lesser instincts in check. The lie machine has been enabled.

Steve V said...

"As you probably suspect, I'm not just talking about this issue."

I agree, it's more than this issue. A collection of misfits who have found a mutual new social media vehicle to perpetuate and reinforce their delusions. Nothing seeps in, comforted that others are equally invested, it's warm and snug inside that reality. You'll never pierce it, or make headway, it's rigid and unmoving. It's also kind of scary.

Tof KW said...

The 17% that think global warming is an unproven theory doesn't surprise me. After all, Gallup found 1/5th of the USA thinks the sun revolves around the earth:
20% are Dumb!

For that matter it's the same with evolution. No matter the mountain of convincing evidence which continues to build that proves it's very real, there will always be a sizable group of delusional, ignorant, intellectual-sloths who will never be convinced that the world has been in existence for much, much longer than 6000 years. And one of them is our Minister of Science & Technology ...go figure.

Steve V said...


The question then becomes, why is there a co-relation between ignorance and conservatism?

I remember one study where they monitored political leanings of college students. They found, that moving through their tenure, there was a decided shift to the left of the spectrum, an inverse relationship between knowledge and right wing ideology. Generalities of course...

Mark Francis said...

As I tangle with these people daily, I notice that many co-join politics with science. If they hate a policy that is based on science, they they simply disbelieve the science. That being said, I think many take that position not because they disbelieve the science, but because they want their ideology more.

Which is to say, when they say they don't believe in the science, some are perhaps lying. It's easier than agreeing with the science and debating policy.

Jerry Prager said...

I've got a feeling that Sarah Palin took some of the money from her book sales and paid the Russian mob (you know, that 'security" firm in Siberia, the place you can see from Alaska) to burglar the files, and now she's out there telling Obama to dump Copenhagen because Climategate proves the science is a lie. There are some genuinely moronic people in the conservative camp, and she's their Queen.

James Bow said...

I have to wonder, though: according to this poll, two out of five Conservative supporters believe in global climate change, and they believe that it's been caused by industrial emissions.

If this is the case, why do they continue to vote Conservative?

- Do they not think this issue is important?
- Do they believe that the Conservative Party has a policy that addresses the problem sufficiently?

peacedaytofino said...

Where is your citation for any of the numbers you roll out as facts in your 'article.'

Steve V said...


No idea what you're referring to.


That's what really bothers me about this whole debate, it's become entirely partisan. It's quite odd, that how you view science is based on your political leanings. I undertand it on the religious right front, because science is their reality check, but it goes beyond that.


Maybe if they had a credible option, you could capitalize on the distaste some Con supporters have. That, and issue priority.

Jerry Prager said...

Ah, doesn't the reference to the Angus Reid Poll at the start of the article tell you where the numbers come from ? I know that reading a whole post or subsequent comments isn't necessary to set off a comment of one's own responses mechanism, but surely reading the first sentence is at least a requirement.
the Canadian people are dying for a credible alternative: many will take a thug like Harper because at least a thug can't be easily pushed around, and while there has been a merger between gangster capitalism and global corporatism, there is still some room for leadership not based on dictatorship, or petty power plays such as that practiced by Harper every moment of his political life.

Steve V said...


Even when the polls suggested a majority, I still didn't believe there is any affection whatsoever for this PM, or his government. In some respects, it's a default sentiment, based on a perceived lack of alternative. The Liberals suffer from their legacy, nobody sees it as a vehicle for change. The question then becomes, how to reshape the brand and capitalize on the superficial support this government enjoys.