Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dispense With The Niceties

They've got their talking points, but it would be nice if the passive acceptance of Conservative arguments, as though legitimate fodder, was finally challenged. The latest release, which reveals the Conservative HOAX on climate change, deserves some pointed conclusions:
The Conservative government has considered abandoning some of the greenhouse gas reduction goals set out in its 2007 green plan...

The draft proposal suggests Canada should set new targets that would be lower than what was originally proposed by the Conservatives.

For example, the proposal suggests that the oil and gas industry would have to cut 15 megatonnes of emissions, rather than 48 megatonnes under its Turning the Corner plan.

It also says projected growth in greenhouse gas emissions from the oilsands in northern Alberta will be 165 per cent by 2020 and proposes to cut that growth — not emissions — by 10 per cent.

Stephen Harper doesn't believe in global warming, and it's about high time he's pressed on his true opinion. Instead of debating the spin for cover, a little common sense tells the true story. A couple of weeks ago, longtime Conservative activist and a man with Harper's ear, Rick Anderson made a startling admission. When pressed about the debate over global warming, he argued that you didn't have to believe in it. Anderson said there is an economic component, doubters can look to increased efficiency as a reason to get behind this bogus claim of global warming. In a nutshell, the Conservative argument to placate their DENIER base and still appear to do something on the climate change file. If you actually look at the way the Conservatives have approached this issue, the above link a great example, you see that what Anderson suggests is THE approach.

The 2007 Turning The Corner plan was an unmitigated JOKE, that nobody took seriously. The fact that this government was openly discussing a decidedly weaker regime (if that is even possible), just prior to Copenhagen, speaks volumes about this shell game the Conservatives are playing. Harper simply DOESN'T believe in global warming, simply interested in putting something forth to take the heat off, but endorsing things so weak that they're useless. In essence, it's a HOAX and the question then becomes- will we be duped?

Instead of sitting around the little roundtables, and arguing whether the government's arguments have validity, maybe we could delve a little deeper than a birdbath for a change. We are being presented with a fraud. Proceed with that knowledge in mind, and dispense with the niceties. Repeat after me STEPHEN HARPER DOESN'T BELIEVE IN GLOBAL WARMING. Period.


Tof KW said...

So aside from being a nation that is complicit in torture, now sweaterboy is giving the middle finger to the environment at Copenhagen. The world is shaming and ridiculing us, and we deserve it. We are nowhere near the nation we think we are.

Gayle said...

This is off topic, but follows up on what TofKW said:


JimmE said...

I hate to pick at nits but the Present PM does not have confidence in science in general, (see his cuts to MAPLE & other cuts to science in Canada) & he does not accept the conclusions of the Climate Scientists, given his comments of global climate change being "..a left wing conspiracy ".

... And you have to LOVE The Yes Men!

Steve V said...

The government, like their rabid followers, have a decided anti-intellectual bent.