Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wow, That's A First

Valour, honor, heroic contributions aside, one thing Rick Hillier loves is the sound of his own voice (I call it Lou Mackenzie syndrome). Hillier is the most opinionated military leader in recent times, which makes his "not following" bull today all the more striking:
Hillier mum on abuse

Rick Hillier, formerly Canada’s top soldier, isn’t commenting about the recent revelations that Canadian-captured prisoners transferred to Afghan authorities were later tortured.

"I haven’t followed it," Mr. Hillier said Friday in Halifax.

"I’m really not even in the mood or the ability to comment upon it, at this point, because I have not followed it in detail."

Really? You mean you haven't followed revelations that show torture actually did occur under your watch, when you were in command? I suppose that could be true, but once again a dash of common sense would suggest you've followed these "revelations". All of sudden a bit camera shy? That's a first.

The fact that Hillier has nothing to say is quite a contrast from his chest thumping routine of a few weeks ago. This new disposition is further evidence that things haven't transpired as first hoped for the "circle the wagons" crowd. It's so unflattering, you've actually turned Hillier into a recluse. Who knew.


Gayle said...

The latest defence is to say no one cares. Hillier is just playing his role.

Steve V said...

That's all I hear from the Cons, "war is hell", nobody cares about the brown people. They're reduced to an almost racial argument, can't argue on substance. That, and waving the flag, like these coward Cons are all decorated military.

Jingles said...

Hillier is a Newfoundlander who made it and as such, he becomes a brash loud mouth know-it-all who thinks everyone ought to salute him.

Northern PoV said...

Re: "nobody cares about the brown people"

I have seen a few of these myself but with the slur directed more to the nationality (Afghan) or the religion of the purported victims rather than their racial characteristics.

I think the saner commentators have avoided it, not only out of political correctness but also because it really undermines their whole reality.... if no one cares about Afghans, then what the heck are we doing there in the first place?

Steve V said...

You right about the slur moved to the nationality, but the subtle inference is there for sure.

Dame said...

Ever since Hillier made his Comment as he is going to "kicking asses of some scumbags " while marching into Afghanistan as No1 soldier of Canada in my eyes he is scumbag himself who degraded the Canadian military's role in that futile "mission" where we have absolutely have no right to be at all. he just proved all his scumbagness when he abruptly resigned his post obviously pouting on something we can't see clearly from here ...made a " carrier Choice " which pays beautifully now... and I do believe he is not Following the details now... why would he?? He never cared never will.

Steve V said...

He's the one that signed the initial flawed agreement, it was Hillier's baby, so this is his legacy.