Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Graphs You Won't See At Stephen Taylor's Blog

Faced with the LOOMING embarrassment on the world stage, Stephen Taylor tries hard to deflect criticism, in the most predictable of ways. The problem is, in his ZEAL, Taylor has pointed to a TELLING reference, which actually highlights just how ABYSMAL, the Conservative record on the environmnent.

I agree, the Liberals did a very poor job on the environment, you'll get no quibble here. Taylor attempts to neuter criticism, by pointing to the Liberal record, using the Fossil Awards, with a neat little graph. Did you know that from 1999-2005, Canada received the 2nd most Fossil Awards, ONE HALF that of the Americans under George Bush? Tsk, tsk, tsk. We stand united Stephen, in our disdain for this dreadful record. What then, does it say about the current Conservative government, that they managed to PULL AHEAD of the Americans, effectively DOUBLING the shoddy legacy of those DIRTY Liberals? The Liberals were a distant second, the Conservatives TOP THE WORLD. Here is a graph, from the last round of climate talks at Bali, under the Conservative government:

Canada leads the world. So, the more people like Taylor HIGHLIGHT the Liberal record, the more they demonstrate just how much WORSE their own. Jean Chretien was a disgrace, but we make him look like Henry David Thoreau, relative to our performance. You guys did absolutlely nothing, but we've somehow managed to do much, much worse (is that physically possible?) You guys were second only to the historical laggard George Bush, but we kicked his ass. Take that.

Shhhhhhh!!!! You're not helping :)

Just take your lumps, they're well deserved.


Frunger said...

I don't see how a self indulgent special interest group's kooky rating system says anything about anything at all.

The fact the eith erof you two are using it to make some minor point of "Youse guys are worse than us guys".

I give 'Far and Wide' the Golden Sombrero for striking out the last 4 times to the plate.

You should care about as much as Canadians should care about the Fossil Awards.

Hishighness said...


Steve V said...


Thank you for the incoherent commentary.

Holly Stick said...

Doesn't that look... like... a hockey stick?

Tomm said...

The Fossils are really difficult to take. They are back slapping and high fiving by the same ENGOs who think they should be running the planet.

I noticed the Ukraine got both first and third place today. Brazil sent 700 people to Copenhagen, where is their Fossil?

Brazil, China and India are forming a coalition to embarrass the western European democracies. This whole thing could very well tumble into political squabbling over money. If that happens, I know one Prime Minister that should stay home on Day 14.

Steve V said...

I don't know why they're hard to take, it's an equal opportunity prize. I suppose there is always the common Con refrain of a conspiracy, but rationally these awards are a reflection of complete inaction. It's the truth, so don't get bent out of shape for others noticing.

Poor Harper, being held to account. The horror.

Tomm said...


Go look at the history of the Fossils. It's all a game. Heck, Denmark got a fossil last month during the Barcelona round of discussions.

Steve V said...

Attack the source, typical Con response. Like I said, equal opportunity, and your Denmark example proves it.

Tomm said...



OK, you and whoever you want to take with you can live in a world run by 400 ENGOs.

marie said...

I think the Cons government are proud of their title. Or stupid enough to not understand what that means more likely.

but rationally these awards are a reflection of complete inaction. how true that statement is Steve.

And Fruger is an imature pathetic little tweerp that is having a hissy fit again.

Steve V said...

Snagged another 1st place today in Copenhagen. Leading the world, once again!