Sunday, January 14, 2007

Khan Report Uncovered

There has been alot of controversy surrounding the "report" from Wajid Khan's trip to the Middle East. Through a reliable source, Far and Wide has obtained a copy of the elusive report from Mr. Khan:

I apologize if people can't make out the writing, but as we all know uploading images can be difficult. For the readers benefit, here is the text of Khan's extensive report below:

Hello Prime Minister and First Lady:

Having a wonderful time. Egypt is wonderful, I must say the visit to the Sphinx has been the highlight. The food is excellent and the lodgings have all been five star (see receipts). Jordan was wonderful, the people were very friendly. I also enjoyed Syria, had a wonderful conversation with a cab driver on the way to the Ummayad Mosque in Damascus- stunning architecture by the way! The cab driver felt that two-state solution for Palestine was the best way to ensure lasting peace in the region. Good advice for sure, I will speak more when I return.

Anyways, I had best wrap up, there is wonderful restaurant with dancers, on the Nile, that I am told is a MUST SEE. I will probably leave Egypt in a day or two, then on to Israel. I will be sure to garner some opinions while visiting the sandy beaches in Tel Aviv.

Again, thank-you for this opportunity as special advisor Prime Minister. I haven't felt this relaxed since the 0% financing sale at the dealership.

Yours, Wajid

Hopefully this puts the controversy to rest.


Olaf said...


Personally, I found the report quite insightful. I hear Egypt is wonderful, and that the Ummayad Mosque does in fact have stunning architecture, showing that Khan has an unmatched understanding of the region and was the appropriate choice for special adviser.

Steve V said...

It does make you want to travel doesn't it?

Jeff said...

Does sound fun, as soon as I save up $13,000 I'm going.

And hey, I was an Air Cadet, can I be the Prime Minister's Special Advisor on Latin America?

I promise to share my report with the public too.

Scotian said...


You were a pigeon eh? I was an anchor clanker so perhaps I should become his special advisor on Naval Affairs since my qualifications for the post are about as good as Khan's for his.

Steve V said...


You're from Toronto and you're a Liberal, so this just might work.

Anonymous said...


This is too funny.

I thought the cab driver's insight was worth a good $200/hr.

I've been to Burma, can I be the special advisor to... stuff over there?