Sunday, January 14, 2007

Layton To Harper: No Hugs

Layton delivered a great line, in response to a question about the Conservatives cozying up to the NDP:
"I notice they're trying to hug us. What I say is stop trying that. Why not just try to deliver on the environment and on some fairness for the average Canadians for a change?" Layton told Question Period.

I thought Harper was a handshake man?


Greg Fingas said...

That's only with his family. But when power's at stake, he'll go as far as he thinks he has to.

wayward son said...

A hand shake when it comes to your young son, but the homo-phobe is all about hugs for the guy who looks like he has a porn mustache.

I find conservatives even more confusing today then I did yesterday.

Jeff said...

Come on Jack, let's hug it out bro!

Anonymous said...

Jack could consign to a little spooning, if safety harnesses are implemented.