Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No Sale

I've been waiting for some poll feedback, in the aftermath of the Tory barrage of environmental announcements. It would appear that Canadians aren't so gullible Mr. Harper, that throwing money around doesn't mask motivations:
OTTAWA (CP) - The Conservative government's newfound green policy push is viewed with skepticism by many Canadians, suggests a new poll by Decima Research.

By a four-to-one margin - 64 per cent to 17 per cent - a large majority of the 1,023 respondents in the survey conducted Jan. 25-28 said they believe recent Tory environment announcements are being driven by public opinion rather than genuine commitment.

Ouch! Even the faithful aren't impressed:
It was the dominant opinion in every region of the country, and even among self-identified Conservative supporters. Some 42 per cent of Tory voters in the poll called the government's green thrust poll-driven, while 37 per cent credited a deeper commitment.

Now what? No political payoff whatsoever, despite the billions spent. In fact, the transparency has solidified Canadian opinion that the government isn't operating from conviction. I would venture to say that the Tory blitz is a colossal failure. Harper wanted credibility, received none. Harper wanted to neutralize the issue, mission not accomplished. A boost in support, nope, sorry.

The tactical master's attempt to manipulate Canadians and paint himself green has rightfully failed. Everything is as it should be.


Karen said...

Everything is as it should be.

Just when I was beginning to lose faith! That restores mine in Canadians.

You know, it seems to me that every poll only solidifies his 30 something per cent base, the rest of Canada was sceptical and is more so now. Good.

The Consevatives are giving everything they can and ticking off both left and right in the process.

Alberta is mad, "he sold out to the east", Christians are mad, "he sold out to the Lib's", left vote lenders are angry, "he is far more right leaning than we thought", he is digging for votes without realising he's sinking with every shovelful.

Intelligent yes, but not too smart.

Steve V said...

"Just when I was beginning to lose faith! That restores mine in Canadians."

It's nice to see no effort receive no reward. They're still trying though.

Anonymous said...

30%'ll still be enough though.

Canadians will fracture their anti-Harper votes every which way and we'll still be stuck with the Flinststone party on the government side.

Steve V said...

killjoy ;)

Karen said...

Nope, that 30% will diminish. Not that Harper supporters will vote Liberal, but they'll sit out in protest.

Many in the west are miffed at how Harper has become "eastern centric", others, miffed at the Income Trust debacle.

IMHO, the only thing that will get these people back in the game, is a poll that boosts the Lib's to either a stronger minority or, gasp, a majority. Even if that happens...it's still only 30% galloping to the rescue.

Anonymous said...

Harpor doesn't care to be seen as green. He's only green when he's sitting in the opposition benches. Nope, the colour he'll be happy with is if its taupe -- alittle muddier, and if he can spill enuf of it on the Liberals.
He is not a leader. He's an embolysm on the brain of a leech.

Peter Loewen said...

Just a question: since when is it a fault of a politician to respond to the demands of the public? I mean, I am sure a lot of Canadians would prefer it if Harper were a dyed in the wool environmentalist, but given that he is not what's wrong with him responding to public preferences?

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with him responding to public preferences?

Well nothing if it was done with some conviction. He is purely driven by cynicism on the environmental issues.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it would have been nice for the Conservatives to use the "wasted" money on the attack ads to give some money back to those who lost month on the Income Trust lie.

Now that would be trying to get something done. I think the Conservative government should be sued by those who lost so much money at an age when they can't recover - now that would be justice.

Ah, when is the PM going to start acting like a prime minister?

A good read this morning in the Toronto Star - Susan Delacourt's article.

Anonymous said...

Ah, when is the PM going to start acting like a prime minister?

like, f'rinstance, who?

Cretien? Martin?

ottlib said...


If the pressure on the Conservative government with regard to the environment were to relent do you think that they would follow through on their promises and continue to take steps to deal with GHG emissions?

If the answer is yes then they really are responding to the demands of Canadians and I will be the first one to give them credit for it.

If the answer is no, which is the most likely answer at this point IMO, then they are only pandering in the hopes of negating a political disadvantage, which is something all parties do but that does not mean we have to give them any credit for doing it.