Sunday, January 21, 2007

Seeing Red

Fashion irony. Liberal red seemed the appropriate color, as the Tories unveil their "new" initiatives.


wilson said...

Educate me here.
Which of the 'Liberal plans' that the Conservatives have put into action, were actually IMPLIMENTED, not just an idea on the drawing board.
Libs are famous for having ideas, and not knowing how to impliment them. So they remain 'ideas' for the public perception of doing something.

EnerGuide is one.
What others, and their date of implimentation please.

Steve V said...

"Libs are famous for having ideas"

And, apparently Conservatives are famous for having NONE. Go educate yourself, I've long since concluded you're a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Go educate yourself...

That's a polite way of putting it, I'll say.

Maybe we can hook wilson61 up with a Conservative mentor, like, say, Olaf, who'll jump at the chance to tutor a fellow Conservative and lost lamb like wil here on the noble Conservative principles of self-sufficiency and self-directed learning.

D said...

Those jackets are awful. Harper doesn't need a majority government, he needs a wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for someone to photoshop this pic adding arrows and "I'm With Stupid" ;)

ottlib said...


The Conservatives canceled a bunch of environment programs about 8 months ago and made a rather big deal about it in the process.

You may recall that they argued these programs were NOT working. That would seem to indicate that the programs were reality.

If they were just ideas that had not been implemented (note spelling) they would have argued that these programs WOULD NOT work.

So I would agree with steve v that you need to go educate yourself, on both the Liberal environment programs and the use and meaning of the conditional and present tenses in the English language.