Sunday, June 03, 2007

Canada: "We Can Hide"

What will Canada do at the looming G8 meetings? Back the Americans, side with the Europeans, act as "bridge, detail our "special" status? I can't remember the last time Canadian policy seemed so confusing on the international stage. Reading this column in The Montreal Gazette, I think this synopsis succinctly sums up the Canadian posture:
"The challenge for Mr. Harper is to look prime ministerial, and like a leader among equals," says Fen Hampson, director of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa. "The way you do that is by sticking to your script, and if there are divisions, playing the role of the helpful fixer."

"Canada in some ways doesn't have to really take a strong position, because the extremes have been staked out," Hampson notes. "We can hide in the confusion and rhetoric of others."

Hiding? Finally, some clarity that completely describes our strategy. Look relevant, talk about bringing together diverse opinion, all the while letting others wear the black and white hats. Canada the grey, Canada the mush, Canada the largely irrelevant. "Canada is back" alright Mr. Harper, so far back we're almost invisible.


Karen said...

Interesting Steve. I don't know if you saw Baird on QP, but I've never heard anyone utter so many words and say absolutely nothing. He doesn't answer questions, it's as if someone turns his "on" switch, then it's non-stop rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Baird reminds me of one of those pull-string dolls. My niece had a Mrs. Beasley doll-you pulled a string and she talked. In fact, the CPC party are like that.

I watched QP too today - it was pathetic watching the CPC spokesmen today ramble, and I mean ramble, on about the past government.

Isn't it time they acted like a mature government that takes responsibility?

I wonder if Baird will be the next Defence Minister who will allow his string to be pulled over failings in that department.


Steve V said...

I did see him on QP, with another appearance, wherein no one challenges his rhetoric. Have you noticed Baird is starting to put alot of inflection into ABSOLUTE targets. I actually miss Ambrose, at least she stuttered when deceiving, this guy is a remarkable bullshitter, of legendary proportions.

Karen said...

wherein no one challenges his rhetoric

Here's a simple question for a journalist to ask him the next time he says "the ghg's went UP under the previous government".

Mr. Baird, during those 10 years, were you and your government pushing the Liberals to sign and meet Kyoto targets?

Steve V said...

The NDP had policy, the Bloc had policy, the Greens had policy, even the Liberals came up with a plan in 2005. Can you produce the Conservative policy for those 13 years, other than attacking Kyoto? Is it true that your government came to office with nothing, for an issue that you yourself describe as "urgent"? Isn't a bit rich to complain about inaction, when your party didn't even bother to offer an alternative?

Karen said...

Not so hard is it Steve? And we don't even get paid the big bucks, lol.

Steve V said...

I swear Baird only agrees to appear with conditions.

Karen said...

You may be right and if you are, that is a pretty sad statement about our journalists, if you can call Oliver and Taber that.

Steve V said...

I can't remember one occasion where Baird has appeared, where there has been another guest, whether it be opposition or expert. It is always a soliquoy.