Thursday, June 21, 2007

Indulge Me

One of my favorite environmentalists is John Bennett of Climate For Change. One of the main "go to" guys of the media, he is the preferred rational voice on climate change that sifts through the rhetoric. I noticed a couple hits from the Climate For Change website recently and when I went to the site I noticed they had linked to this blog. A minor thing, but it makes you feel good that your repetitive rants are acknowledged by people of whom you have tremendous respect. Anyways, no point here really, that just made me feel good for some reason.

Since this is a "all about me" boring post, I might as well show a picture of my 9 month old. Can you say cute:

My apologies.


Anonymous said...

awww what a sweetie

Olaf said...

As a conservative, I normally have no opinion on what is or isn't aesthetically appealing or "cute" in any way. We don't really have feelings or emotions, unless God explicitly tells us to. But if I did have the capacity to ascertain cuteness, this one would qualify.

Also, not to tell you how to do your job as a parent, but I assure you, if you fail to dress your child up in all sorts of hilarious costumes when they are too young to care, you'll never forgive yourself.

Robert said...

Very cute!

What are your apologies for?

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you apologize for showing off that cutie. It gives your readers a feel good day to see a happy, innocent baby that is so cute.

You should do more of these feel good days - we all need it when the world is so volatile.


Karen said...

What a cutie! Thanks, that's a great way to start my day.

Congrat's too on being linked to.

Anonymous said...

She's very cuddly looking.

Kyoto, the white fluffy dog, is cute, too.;-) Thank you for the posts on the environment!

Vive Kyoto!