Tuesday, June 12, 2007

John Baird Finds Another Key Ally

Seriously, is there anyone who actually supports the Baird rhetoric? The C.D Howe damnation is particularly painful, given the fact that it comes from the same economist that the government lauded when Baird presented his "Kyoto the apocalypse" routine in committee. On the plus side, Baird still has Buzz Hargrove, who would be content to puke out gas guzzlers for eternity, and three oil execs, with tar under their nails. Anyways, back to the other 99.9% of "informed" opinion:
Based on comprehensive economic computer simulations, the study delivers a harsh critique of the government’s new plan, suggesting that pollution levels could rise slightly above current levels...

“The government is likely to miss its 2020 emissions target by almost 200 megatonnes,” said the study, prepared by Mark Jaccard and Nic Rivers from Simon Fraser University’s School of Resource and Environmental Management. “Moreover, because of this gap in 2020 between target and reality, it is unlikely that a future government would be able to achieve the ambitious 2050 target.”

But Jaccard added only a carbon tax or an absolute cap on pollution would be effective in forcing Canadian industries and individuals to change their behaviour and shift to a low-carbon economy with less pollution.

I wonder if they just copy and paste this response now:
A spokesperson for Environment Minister John Baird dismissed suggestions that the government’s plan was full of holes.

I can't remember the last time an initiative was panned with such regularity (excluding the Clean Air Act). I admit I get excitable, because it is simply MADDENING to listen to Baird spew this rubbish, home and abroad, without any credible confirmation. It really has a delusional quality to it, like some energizer bunny that isn't fazed, no matter. Bang the drum, bang the drum, I can't hear you, I can't hear you. Listening to John Baird, is a frontrow seat to theater of the absurd.


Anonymous said...

The Tories' spin on climate is positively Bushian.

The interesting question is whether it's working or not.

As with so many things the Harperites do, the base will be very happy with this nonsense, but it won't widen their support.

Far from it.

Karen said...

I can't remember the last time an initiative was panned with such regularity

Nor defended so vigorously with bafflegab.

What I want to know is why his nonsense seems to have traction. Not one interview that I have seen, has ever really taken him to task. I presume it's because the interviewer doesn't really know the facts, so they can't challenge him.

How about an interview with Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Baird?

ottlib said...

Remember knb that most of the media in this country agrees with the Conservative point of view with regard to Kyoto and Canada's ability to meet its Kyoto obligations.

So they have no incentive to challenge Mr. Baird on his bafflegab.

And those few journalists that may disagree with the Conservative point of view would not be allowed within the same time zone as Mr. Baird, let alone be allowed to interview him.

Karen said...

I suppose you're right ottlib, but it drives me mad.

I don't know how you can do your job when you only take one side and even if you are doing the bidding of your masters, it's still not damning and speaks horribly to the state of our media.